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Bull Pips update week commencing 25th June

The good run with Bull Pips continues and Joe has been honest enough to admit that the run the system has been on since i began the review has been exceptional even by its own high standards.

We saw the first losing day this week on Monday but overall the bank has increased by 66 pips.

Apologies for the lack of charts but been really busy this week.

Todays pips +66
Running Total +373

More details here

Nice start to the week for Forex121

Must admit last nights trade did catch me a bit unawares with there being no morning room with Forex121 I totally forgot about the evening room with Ben. Fortunately you also get a text from Ben to confirm any orders placed so I was able to get on.

The trade is currently 100+ pips to the good so tempted to move stop to b/e but no instructions to do so at the moment so will leave where it is.

More info here

Winner for Vantage FX

No trades last week for Vantage FX but had a winning trade to start the week. Trade reached its profit target overnight for a 45 pip gain.

Details here Vantage FX

Total -55 pips

Vantge FX Update

No trades at all this week from Vantage FX – apparently the charts are lining up nicely so hopeful of some trades over coming days. Not gone well so far really but relatively early days so lets see where it is in the next weeks.

Details here Vantage FX

Total - 100 pips

End of first week with Sane FX

So first week with Sane FX and impressed with the system so far – less so with the EA which seemed to do some crazy stuff last night. This may be something to do with the settings relating to the end of the week but there are trades in my current trade list which dont make any sense at all.

Anyway thats the EA and nothing at all to do with Sane FX itself – eur/usd trade now stand at +271 pips with the eur/gbp at +40 pips. the 2 other trades opened are the aud/usd at -40 pips currently and the usd/cad is -29 pips. So overall up 241 pips on the week.

Current total closed trades
+ 85 pips

Full details click here

Another winner this morning for Forex Morning Trade to take us to a new high of 240 pips. Nice strong finish to the week. Impressive stuff so far. Will be letting the EA run for the next 2 weeks but wont be doing any form of trading from the 20th December.

Profit +240 pips

More details here.

Forex Morning Trade review

LS Forex Forex

No new trades this week for LS Forex but the 2 trades we were in have made gains. The gbp/usd trade has gained 1.25% and the eur/usd trade has gained 5.85%. LS Forex themselves advise they are currently 82% up for the year and are confident of reaching 3 figure % growth by the end of the year so should be interesting few months.

Still offering a free months trial – click here for more info

No updates for 2 weeks

Going away on Saturday for 2 weeks so the next update will be on the 20th July. No trading tomorrow as i’m doing all the things i should have been doing this week like buying currency, clothes etc.

Hope everyones trading goes well in the meantime.

Dax 2 losers 1 winner = -18 pips
GBP/USD 3 winners 2 losers = +6 pips

Overall -12 pips = -£60

Bank                £1135
Profit/Loss -£60
New Bank     £1075

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