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New Trading System – Bull Pips

Going to start trialling a system which was originally reccommended to me a few weeks ago & then Joe, the guy who is the the author of the strategy, coincidentally approached me last week.

Seems very well regarded elsewhere so i’m hoping to have some success with it.  I’ll be putting up results & charts on a daily basis as much as possible to help us evaluate it properly.

More details here

A few people have asked me in the last couple of months for the compounding calculator which shows how small gains can grow into a substantial amount over time and the chapters of Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. Couldnt get hold if these because they were on an old latptop but i’ve got them now so if you’ve asked previously or want them let me know.

Just a quick post to let you know that Pauls confirmed that the membership to Trading Elite Club is open again and also there is another webinar this Sunday the 9nd January. Sign up is here and then click on ‘Join Webinar’ button.

If you want to sign up immediately to make sure of your place click here

Paul is feeling a bit under the weather today so, at its so close to Christmas as well, its been decided that there will no trading for the Club.

I have to say its been a pretty impressive start so far for this service and i’m looking forward to it getting going properly in the New Year.

If you want to get on the free introductory webinar for potential new members, theres one on Sunday the 2nd January. Sign up is here and then click on ‘Join Webinar’ button

Immediate sign up for service is here

Day 8 with Trading Elite Club

The traders following trades to the letter were around 5 pips down today whilst the scalpers were around 30 pips up.

Just another reminder that Paul is again an introductory webinar for potential new members – this one is on Sunday the 2nd January. Sign up is here and then click on ‘Join Webinar’ button.
Immediate sign up for service is here

Some better news re Black Dog – seems that Dave, the operator of the Black Dog community, has sorted the issues out and normal service has now resumed with it being again available for sale.

I’ve done some rough back testing on using the Black Dog system with 4hr charts. I’m using Alpari UK which is 1hr ahead so although the candle times are 8.00, 12.00, 16.00 etc the actual times of the candles are 07.00, 11.00, 15.00 etc.

The results i got were using all the Black Dog basic requirements with an entry point maximum of 100 pips away from 15 ema, 100 pip hard stop but close the trade if candle closes in the 50′s and 100 pip take profit & moving the stop to break even at +50.

Did the testing on 4 pairs going back to beginning of December last year to get full 12 months.

gbp/usd +1100 pips
eur/usd +900 pips
aud/usd +1165 pips
usd/cad +1490 pips

Now these are pretty spectacular results for just 4 pairs but we’ve also got to bear in mind that trading is very easy with hindsight and trades which look obvious when back testing may actually look less so at the time. It does show, though, that even if you were only able to trade at 7am, 7pm & 11pm (08.00, 20.00 and 0.00 candles with Alpari) or even just 1 of those times, you would be able to make a nice income with Black Dog.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3968 pips

eur/usd chart for November


Black Dog Forex Review

It seems that Dave Atkinson, the author of the Black Dog Forex system, has had enough of the hassle of selling the system and the support that goes with it and has stopped selling it.

Its a real shame but it looks like a couple of incidents have convinced him that he should just concentrate on trading rather than try to deal with the increasing eccentricities of the newer members of the BD forum.

I’ll carry on blogging the results for the foreseeable future and if you were thinking of buying the system let me know & i’ll see if theres anything i can do.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3968 pips

Black Dog Forex Review

Had another winner with Betting Pro trades – very impressive start lets hope it carries on.

More info and full results here

Bank £138.50

I’ve also just been advised that Betting Pros has launched a sports ‘Trading’ service which has had a very successful trial period since April. It will be on a monthly subscription basis and for the full results and more information please click here.

Due to the ‘live’ nature of sports ‘trading’ you would need to be able to follow the selections live but as the vast majority of the selections will be at the weekend or in the evenings its possible to use the service around a 9-5 job.

For more info please click here

Wednesday was a great trending day for the markets & perfect if you were trading the ‘hi/lo’ strategy with Black Dog – trade after winning trade with that method. Really good day for me though with 5 trades – 1 loser & 4 winners for a 60 pip gain on the day.

Didnt trade yesterday & wont be trading today or tomorrow due to the election and NFP.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

EUR/JPY chart

Weds 4/5
gbp/usd 11.00 -20
eur/jpy 09.15 +20
aud/usd 17.15+20
usd/cad 10.45 +20
nzd/usd 17.45 +20

Running total +1731 pips

Black Dog Forex Trading Review

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