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+30 Pips Today For Bull Pips

Good run continues with Bull Pips – total of 6 trades , 4 on eur/usd and 2 on gbp/usd with 4 winners and 2 losers for a 30 pips gain.

Todays pips +30
Running Total +195

More details here

gbp/usd trades

Bull Pips Forex System Review







eur/usd trades

Bull Pips Forex System Review

No selection today for this service and i may well have subscribed at a quite time as the prospects of racing are not too good for the coming few days due to the weather. Will give some info re past results etc tomorrow.

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412 pips today with Forex 121

Not really sure what to say about today other than its going to take a lot to top it as a first trading day with a service. I always intended to start blogging the results from today so its honestly a concidence that i made 412 pips today! which is actually 10 more than Dan himself.

Heres a link to my statement for the past 10 days of so (the losing dow jones trade for 20 pips was one of my own)

What i do want to stress,apart from the results today obviously, is the level of communication you receive throughout the day.When an order goes live, a new order is added, a stop loss is changed profit taken etc etc you receive an email straightaway so you know your always in exactly the same position as Dan is.

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Heres Dans end of day email for today.


Ok i have decided to close WS30 for 110 pips, as I am out tonight.

I have also closed SILVER at 35.35 for 50 pips profit.

No orders left in the market and no trades in the market and now I can relax.

End of day I close for 200 + 45 + 110 + 50 – 3 = 402 pips.

Well done team.

Off for a glass of red. :)



Forex 121 review

Sane FX Update

Good day today for Sane FX – a gold trade closed for 100 pips gain and another trade opened which is 36 pips in profit. The 2 existing trades both posted some more gains as well.

Current Trades
Trade 2 +112 pips
Trade 3 + 317 pips
Trade 5 + 36 pips

Closed today
Trade 4 +100

Details here

Total Closed Trades +30 pips

Winner for Vantage FX

Better news for Vantage FX today with a winner on the usd/chf. came perilously close to being stopped out but survived and went onto make 45 pips.

Details here Vantage FX

Total - 100 pips

No trade for Vantage FX

No potential set ups for Vantage FX today so Jimmy is extending the trial by another day. Hopeful of some tomorrow which is NFP day.

Details here Vantage FX

Total - 57 pips

No trade with Vantage FX

There was a potential trade which was given by Vantage today but it didnt trigger. Jimmy has confirmed that because of this he is extending the trial by another day, which he does any time there is no trade taken for the day.

Details here Vantage FX

Total - 57 pips

Sane FX 1st Feb

Winner on 4hr gold charts with Sane Fx today for 100 pips. The eur/usd trade had a v.good day today and is now standing at around 470 pips up. The usd/cad trade closed for a loss of 65 pips.

Current total closed trades
-125 pips

Full details click here

Losing start for Vantage FX

First trade signal today from Vantage and it was a 57 pip loser. Came v.close to the b/e level but unfortunately turned against us & reversed. They give a full analysis of every trade – todays is here. http://www.vantage-fx.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54&Itemid=60 Make a nice change if a service started badly & then came good for us as it always seems to be the other way round.

Bit of a messy day overall on the charts today on the 15 min time frame and nothing at all on the 4hr charts. Made 28 pips more by luck than good judgement today i think.

Will post up some charts for tomorrows trades – been looking at taking high probability hi/lo trades in addition to the existing trades and i’ll go into more detail tomorrow.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 4032 pips

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