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Update on Betting Pro Trades

Overall loss of £43.31 for the last few days with Betting Pro Trades.

Bank £1749.94 (starting bank £1000)

More info and full results here

15th nov
Everton v.s Arsenal £ 47.50
Milan derby -£ 50.00
Paris Masters tennis -£ 38.00

16th nov
MK Dons v.s Stevenage. -£ 49.88
Peterborough £ 23.37

17th nov
MK Dons v.s Stevenage. £ 23.75
Peterborough £ 23.37
England £ 23.75
Germany -£ 47.50

Update on Betting Pro Trades

Quick update on Betting Pro Trades – i left it for a couple of weeks at the beginning of September but the results below are whats happend since. Basically a gain of around £272 in about 6 weeks. Not going to change your life but its making a profit and makes a lot of games interesting that wouldnt be otherwise.

Bank £2057.25 (starting bank £1000)

More info and full results here

Celtic v Rangers £ 23.75
Stoke v Man Utd £ 23.75
Man City v.s Arsenal £ 23.75

Volandri plays Gabashvili (Tennis) £ 46.93
Leeds vs Cardiff Over 1.5 £ 23.75

Ipswich v.s Northampton Under 1.5 £ 23.75

Newcastle v.s Arsenal. no bet

Aston Villa v.s Burnley under 1.5 goal -£ 47.50

Blackburn v.s Chelsea Over 3.5 Goals £23.75
Wolves v.s Man City £ 23.75
Everton v.s Stoke Halftime 0-0 -£70.00
Everton v.s Stoke Under 1.5 £ 23.

Blackpool v.s West Brom £ 23.75

Bursaspor v.s Man United £ 23.95
Tottenham v.s Inter Milan £ 23.75
Copenhagen v.s Barcelona Over 3.5 Goals £ 23.75

Shakhtar v.s Arsenal. £ 23.75
AC Milan v.s Real Madrid £ 23.60

CSKA Moscow playing Palermo £ 23.75
Gent v.s Sporting Lisbon £ 23.75

Bolton and Tottenham £ 23.75
Blackpool v.s Everton No Bet

Blackburn v.s. Wigan £ 26.69

Liverpool and Chelsea -£ 65.00
West Brom v.s Man City -£ 47.50

Tottenham face Sunderland £ 23.75

Villa v Blackpool -£ 47.50
Newcastle face Blackburn £ 23.75

Preston vs Hull £ 23.75

Newcastle £ 23.87
Liverpool £ 24.16
West Ham -£ 50.00
Juventus £ 23.75

Steady gains for Betting Pros

Betting Pros (sister service to Betting Pro Trades) continues to make steady growth – another 54 points since the last update. Nice uncomplicated service which has made a profit every month for the past 13.

The new seasons subscription is now available and will be just £45.99 for a full 12 months and this also includes the facility to have texts sent to your mobile when any new bets are advised.

Please click here for the full list of results and more info

Bank 200 pts

11-09-10 – (Arsenal) 4 – 1 Bolton – Bet 125points – won 33points
11-09-10 – (Real Madrid) 1 – 0 Osasuna – Bet 150points – won 30points
14-09-10 – (Man United) 0 – 0 – Rangers – Bet 150points – lost 150points
15-09-10 – (Arsenal) 6 – 0 Braga – Bet 100points – won 31points
18-09-10 – (Everton) 0 – 1 Newcastle – Bet 50points – lost 50points
19-09-10 – Kilmarnock 1 – 2 (Celtic) – Bet 50points – won 22points
19-09-10 – (Chelsea) 4 – 0 Blackpool – Bet 250points – won 30poin
19-09-10 – (Chelsea) 4 – 0 Blackpool (+2.5 gls) – Bet 100points – won 35points
19-09-10 – (Anderlecht) 3 – 0 Kotrijk – Bet 100points – won 36points
21-09-10 – (Real Madrid) 3 – 0 Espanyol – Bet 150points – won 28points
22-09-10 – (Barcelona) 1 – 0 Sporting Gijon – Bet 200points – won 15points

3 out 3 for Betting Pros

Another good night with Betting Pro Trades – 3 out 3. I was listening to Talksport yesterday afternoon and Paddy Power was on saying he thought Northampton were a good bet at Liverpool @ 14/1 – hindsights a wonderful thing.

West Brom v Man City lay the draw +£47.00
Wigan v Preston lay the draw +£23.50
England v Pakistan lay Pakistan +£23.50

Bank £1785.25 (starting bank £1000)

More info and full results here

Just as a bit of a follow up to the update on Betting Pro Trades yesterday. Stuart the operator of the system contacted me to point out that his results were considerably better than mine due to the fact that he traded ‘in play’. Just thought it might put this service in perspective

“I noticed on your blog you said in the last week you have lost over £200??

Below are results since last Monday to yesterday and the loss is £27.25 and thats using the exact odds I give in the email.

I know you have told users it is a set and forget service and while you can run it this way in order to make good profits you would have be trading out at the best possible price.

I am receiving numerous emails to display results without a stop loss, which I am not prepared to do as the stop loss can be valuable which is why it is included.

While I tend to not use the stop loss on all trades, I trade out usually at much better odds so while losses are bigger, profits from winning trades are also much greater.”

Betting Pro Trades update

Been a while since i’ve updated Betting Pro Trades – been waiting for a gap in the action but there hasnt been one really!

Overall loss for me in the last 7 days of £224.00 to take the balance down to £1688.25 – still an overall gain of 68% so very happy with the service so far. I suppose a little dip was expected after a great run but i think this service

Bank £1688.25 (starting bank £1000)

More info and full results here

2 more winners for Betting Pro Trades

2 more winners over the last couple of days with Betting Pro Trades. Liverpool were layed at Birmingham whilst this evening Stoke were layed at home to Aston Villa. Again we could watch the games in the knowledge that we had made a profit however they turned out long before the end. Stoke actually won but had drifted far enough to catch the other side of the bet.

Just to confirm as well that this can all be done as a ‘set & leave’ service which is what i do. Bank now up 91% since the beginning of August.

Bank £1912.25 (starting bank £1000)

More info and full results here

4 out of 4 for Betting Pro Trades

4 out of 4 wins yesterday with Betting Pro trades & in 3 out of the 4 matches we had already secured a guaranteed profit with plenty of time left. I have to say its a good feeling watching a sporting event you’ve got a bit of money riding on when it doesnt matter which way the result goes. Very enjoyable.

I’ve attached Stuarts summary email about yesterdays betting which again makes interesting reading. Ultimately 2 of the lays ended up not winning but it didnt matter to us at the way we’d placed the bets meant that the profit was already secured.

Bank £1865.25 (starting bank £1000)

More info and full results here

Yesterday was a great lesson in why we trade.

Man United 3-1 up going into injury time and the somehow manage to draw 3-3 and Federer with two match points against Djokovic and he manages to lose the match. In both cases we had traded out and secured a profit whereas the original lay would have lost.

In the rugby New Zealand fought back and won by a single point so those of us not using the stop loss would have had a perfect day, officially goes down as a loss but I did warn of the big price movements in Rugby that a single try will make.

Also in the Burnley game it was very possible to make the whole £50 if trading live as after the first goal the over 1.5 market rose up to around 12.0. I stayed in and was going to trade out at the 7.2 mark but a second goal had been scored by that time so no need.

Update on Betting Pros

There was a winner on Tuesday night for Betting Pros (sister service to Betting Pro Trades) when the selection Holland beat Finland 2-1. Bet was 200 pts Holland to win.

I’ll keep a running total of the new seasons results now starting from the beginning of August. Service gained 123 points in August and this was the first selection for September.

The new seasons subscription is now available and will be just £45.99 for a full 12 months and this also includes the facility to have texts sent to your mobile when any new bets are advised.

Please click here for the full list of results and more info

Bank 146 pts

Update on Betting Pro Trades

Technical issues sorted now – its very easy to edit the bet to ‘keep’ the unmatched part ‘in play’ with pretty much any smartphone.

Slight dip in fortunes for the Betting Pro Trades service since last Saturday with an overall loss for me of £118.10 – still keeps my bank 77% up since we started just over a month ago.

Bank £1771.25 (starting bank £1000)

More info and full results here

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