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Update on LS Forex

Well not much of an update really – just to say that I got an email off a visitor to the blog a couple of weeks ago who told me that he was doing very well with LS Forex but unfortunately I managed to lose the email without following up on what kind of figures he meant by ‘very well’. If it was you could you please get in touch so i can put some general figures up here.

I will be doing a weekly update from now on as well so we’ll see if this low maintenance service can be a long term earner.

Still offering a free trial – click here for more info

Return of LS Trader

For those of you who’ve been following the blog for a bit you’ll know we did subscribe to LS Trader for a few months. I decided not to continue when the subscriber I was sharing the costs of membership with decided not to renew.

The service was having a pretty average time of it then but another subscriber has approached me to confirm that it has turned around. Still not on course for the average of 150% per year they expect to achieve so it may be a perfect time to be resubscribing.

Its very much a long term trading system and some of the trades can take months to complete but its probably the most low maintenance service you could subscribe to – get the email Sunday night, action it & leave until the following Sunday. Ideally you shouldnt even check your account but thats easier said than done as i’ve found.

Lets hope the up-turn continues for the service and the rest of the year shows big gains.

Forex Trades Live

The new service i was talking about yesterday is Forex Trades Live which i’ve been following since i came back form holiday 2 weeks ago. Really impressive service so far – both the results and the communication from thecompany themselves.

All the information is on the site but basically they send through 1-3 trades per day with clear, straightforward entry and exit instructions. Signals can be either email or text. You have the choice of 3 different profit targets depending on your trading mentality – 32, 72 or 100 pips. 32 pips is obviously the higher strike rate and 100 the lowest but, profit wise the 72 pip target is the highest.

I have been trading them since 20th July on the 32 pip target (suits my ‘regular winners’ mentality) & am currently 90 pips up in 2 weeks. Early days but the results have been recorded accurately since i’ve been receiving the signals so no reason to believe the 1484 pips made in 2009 up to the end of June isnt correct – that works out to be 62 pips a week or £620 @ £10 a pip.

Think this may well be another low maintenance service that stays in the portfolio so i’d recommend signing up here or see how i get on over the next few weeks.

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