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Getting boring this – but in a good way. Another solid month with this service has produced another 5% gain. Ticks a lot of boxes for me in that its easy to use, quick and set & forget. If you’re using this service and compounding month on month then you’ll be doing very nicely.

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Money Text Review

Just wanted to give you a few more details regarding the Black Dog trial i’m going to publish on here. The Black Dog member who’s going to be supplying the results has advised me that he uses the system on 1hr charts and that the trades can last up to 7 or 8 working days. The other point to note is that this system is based on trading stocks not Forex pairs. Apparently he made an 18% gain in the 2 months between October and December last year so fingers crossed it continues at the level going forward.

More info re Black Dog & Quick Fix System here

Money Text Review

Nice start to 2012 for the Money Text service – already 5% gain on the bank and basically continuing where they left off last year. Must admit to being a bit sceptical when i started reviewing this service as i’d tried quite a few signal services which either started well and trailed off or were just poor from the outset. Money Text has been consistently good with very low drawdown and good profits.

Long may it continue – highly recommended.

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30 Day Free Trial & Full Details Here

Money Text Review

1.9% gain for Master Plan

Nice straightforward day for Master Plan with a small loss on one of the bots recovered from yesterday and an overall 1.9% gain on the day.

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Bank £423.31

Only 2 trades today with Black Dog Forex, nothing at all this morning. 1 winner and 1 loser for a gain of 5 pips.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3812 pips

13.45 +20

16.30 -15

Small gain for Master Plan

Small gain overall today for Master Plan with both S1 & S2 bots making a profit but the lay bot being down on the day. Red day tomorrow so no losses to be carried over.

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Bank £414.00

Steady gains again for Master Plan

Friday was a red day which meant no carrying any loss over and just going on one of the 3 bots. Worked out ok for a .25% gain. On Saturday there was no email as the operator John wasnt available so erring on the side of caution again i just went for the lay ladder bot getting another .25% gain. Not spectacular but as we’ve said before thats not what this bot is all about.

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Bank £422.88

Good day for Master Plan

Good day for Master Plan with a gain of .85% on the bank – pretty much in line with whats been promised so far.

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Bank £417.24

Small gain for Master Plan

.27% gain for Master Plan today so not too much to get excited about but still growth when all said and done. Carries over a small loss on one of the bots tomorrow so hopefully should get that recovered and get a nice gain tomorrow.

£1 10 day trial available here

Bank £413.70

.76% gain with Master Plan

Another steady day with the bots – LL & S1 achieved the target early on and i followed the operator of the systems example by opting out of the last race giving us a gain of .76% on the day. The was the 19.10 pm race & it was common sense to do as a reasonable increase had already been achieved. Just about managed it though as the email came out at 19.03 pm.

Another ‘green day’ tomorrow so should be plenty of opportunities for the bots to achieve their targets.

£1 10 day trial available here

Bank £403.11

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