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New Trading System – Bull Pips

Going to start trialling a system which was originally reccommended to me a few weeks ago & then Joe, the guy who is the the author of the strategy, coincidentally approached me last week.

Seems very well regarded elsewhere so i’m hoping to have some success with it.  I’ll be putting up results & charts on a daily basis as much as possible to help us evaluate it properly.

More details here

Bonus Bagging Update 5th March

Opened 2 accounts today & deposited the required amounts. Placed the 2 ‘qualifying’ bets for £25 & £50 – layed them off on Betfair & will receive the same amounts tomorrow credited to my accounts. I’ll do the same with the free bets to receive a guaranteed £75 tomorrow evening whatever the results.

Details here

Losing start for Vantage FX

First trade signal today from Vantage and it was a 57 pip loser. Came v.close to the b/e level but unfortunately turned against us & reversed. They give a full analysis of every trade – todays is here. http://www.vantage-fx.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54&Itemid=60 Make a nice change if a service started badly & then came good for us as it always seems to be the other way round.

Another update from Betting Pro Trades

The 2 trades from yesterday traded out as winners even though the events (England v Pakistand & Werder Bremen v Sampdoria) so that takes the bank up to £1269.25 – nearly 27% gain in 2 weeks.

Bank £1269.25 (starting bank £1000)

More info and full results here

Winning start with Megadroid

Megadroid took its for trade for me today & came up with a 1 pip win! Not sure if this is correct or i have some settings wrong but i’ll look into it.

LS Trader Update

I personally had a mixed week with LS Trader last week although the balance of their full portfolio went up over 6%. I banked some more profits which leaves me currently with a bank of £2,923 & running profit of £120.

RoboBets looking promising so far

Early days but another massive winner today @ 48/1 puts the balance @ 50% up. The system seems to pick up big priced winners every couple of days & it may well be that the claims for the service are true – we’ll wait & see with interest. 

Balance £298.30
Profit £98.30

Finally back to updating the blog after a week away in Nefyn. Weather mostly good but recovery from shoulder surgery mostly bad. Having to do physio every hour is hard work & painful but got to be done to stop it going back to how it was.

Wealthbuilder 9-11 am  is down 27 points since i  last updated so not having a good month at all. Been here before with this system though & 9-11 am itself is actually 50 points up for the month (i started using it couple of weeks ago)

New Bank £680
Stake £5

Long, Long Morning

Results 7th April

Winner then a loser just before 12 – i’ve decided to only trade up until 12 any way but the next trade didnt materialise until 2.45pm & lost. 90% of the time everythings done & dusted well before 12 so dont think i’ll be missing out on too many trades.

New Bank £845
Stake £5

Just to again say if anyone reading this would like a copy of the ‘compound’ calculator which i refer to occasionally, just email me & i’ll let you have it.

I find it useful to keep me positive & focused about the trading especially when you have a couple of bad days. It lets you put in your starting bank, daily pip amount you want/hope to achieve & a little bit further down any pay you want to take out.  Its good to put in a conservative daily pip figure & see where that takes you in 6/12 months.

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