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System Details

I’m trying to get together a ‘portfolio’ of systems/services which complement each other in the markets they trade and also the amount of time they require to operate.  They obviously also have to be profitable! This has been a constantly evolving group and taken a lot longer than i thought it would back in September last year. More confident than at any stage that i can make a good living out of this now. The services I’ve researched and will now be trading from the 10th August 2009 are;

Blackdog Forex Trading System

Highly acclaimed piece of software which is added as a template to your Metatrader 4 charting software and along with a set of 6/7 basic rules gives straightforward entry signals.Only had the software a week but the back-testing and the live trading results have been pretty spectacular.

Cost is $197 but to honest if i’d been allowed to trial this for a month i’d have paid 10 times that. For that you get the original Black Dog System (which is what i’ve back-tested) and 2 further systems based on the Black Dog which apparently have improved results dramatically. Not only that there are 3 different types of entry signals so there’ll pretty much be trading oppurtunities every day.

To top it off theres a really friendly forum which welcomes contributions from newbies and basically is there to ensure you’re using the software properly and making money.

Pretty excited about the one as you can probably tell – i’ve got no excuses now to ‘go back to work’.

Have a look at it here

FX Crossover

Very simple system to understand and get to grips with. Also very expensive@ £950 with no trial or money-back guarantee. This is obviously understandable because once you’ve got the system,  you’ve got the system.

Its also because their previous results stand up to scrutiny – i had the system about 10 mins before i was on Metatrader to ‘prove’ that the system wasnt what it claimed but it actually is.

I use gbp/usd & usd/cad and it produces between 1-4 trades a week.  No constant following of charts either – i set up an free email alert service with www.fxalert.com, so that every time a signal is generated an email is sent to me (can do texts as well apparently).

LS Trader£147 per mth – trades are set up in 15 mins on a Sunday night & leave it to run until you get the email the following Sunday. (ideal if you’re working).

For more information re this service and why we chose it please check out these links & then follow our ongoing review.

Grey Horse Bot

This is a great piece of software which takes about 3 mins in the morning to switch on & leave to trade for the day.  I use it to ‘lay’ a horse and its usually done & dusted in the 1st race – if not is carries on working away until your profit target is reached.  Can be used with loads of other systems/strategies – best ‘bot’ on the market.

Highly recommended and takes no time.

Click here to download the Grey Horse Bot

Click here for the settings for the bot

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