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Another good week for Mathematician Betting which has been typical of the service pretty much since i first looked at it back at the beginning of February. I’ve just copied and pasted Guys reviews of the previous days selections.

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Thursday ‘s M e s s a g e

A fine days work and an impressive message. We didnt get the jackpot as STEVIE THUNDER was only second but he still did his part in the each way double and NORTH CENTRAL was the highlight winning easily at 7/1. That made sure we had a decent winning day. COLD KNIGHT went down frustratingly in a photo but we were on each way and still managed to nick a bit. That was a smart message. Some superb groundwork that allowed us some perspective about some of the horses and what these had to do not least in North Centrals race. Overall it was smart.

W e d n e s d a y ‘s R e v i e w

The three bets I highlighted yesterday returned a loser and two placed bets each way. A Small loss but not too unhappy with it given I wasn’t certain about much of it. Edgware Road lost by a short head photo with the saver in 3rd so another inch and we’d have won good money and he did nothing wrong at all and that wasn’t too bad a start. Highlife Dancer got beaten and ran badly and that just left Aussie Reigns to nick us a bit of place money
and the overall position was managable if a bit behind but there was the potential for losing a lot more so overall I’m fine with it.

T u e s d a y ‘s R e v i e w

Short message yesterday with some big priced horses and
probably too ambitious in the end. Nothing back from the 3
races I looked at. All my bets finished just behind the places and ran quite well but none of them really looked like winning.

M o n d a y ‘s R e v i e w

For a Monday it was a very strong message. Started off with a good winner just like Saturday’s message and I was getting excited before it turned sour with 3 very weak bets and it started to look in a lot of trouble. Then Barathea Dancer won to stretch the lead and that was
needed as well. By then we had only had unstaked bottom message choices. The best was yet to come. The two bets I staked both won. Kuwait Star won backed from 14′s to 7/1 and Glossy Posse won as well backed from 7/4 to 11/8. That made for a very smart message.

S a t u r d a y ‘s R e v i e w

Looking back at Saturdays message it started dynamically with 3 quick winners two of which were big prices. After that it folded tamely. I felt the middle of the message was wobbly and said so but dissapointed that it collpased a bit. That said the early winners got us some way ahead and it was a long way from a bad message. When the main bet goes down it’s hard to be too positive but STEPS and CAPTAIN DUNNE were both big priced horses and could hardly be seen as probable winners. It felt to me a better message than it was probably recieved. After all despite
lots of previews I only staked in 5 races and we had a 7/1 winners that was enough to cover stakes on all 5 bets. We had another winner and a place as well from these 5 staked bets not bad at all. It suggests the message was probably too long. Carlito Brigante flopped and that may well be down to having too hard a recent race which was something I
didn’t anticipate. I dont think it was a bad message but it never really reflected the fact that the best 5 options did well and that its annoying.

Profit Clicking have caught up with their interest payments which for me is currently $42 on weekdays and $21 on the weekends. Interesting times ahead with the announcement of a ‘Profit Shift’ (the new name for restarts’) in mid-November – interesting from the point of view of the % level taken from members. there was always going to be one – just a case of when and what level.

Also now reached the payout days for my 3 withdrawls – i know that wont happen anytime soon but not too bothered as long as its within the next week or so.

Check out the Profit Clicking website here

Now up to just less that 78% for my original $800 with Felmina now. Getting to the stage where it starts to compound at decent amounts now $15-$20 a day. Need to make a decision soon on wether i’m going to leave the balance in the Basic Compounding option or move it to the enhanced. Initially thought would be good to trial the withdrawl option so went for the Basic but, having seen a lot of wthidrawl confirmations on the Facebok page, i’m thinking about changing the balance over to the Enhanced option.

The downside is you have to start the ‘locked in’ period again so it will be 180 working days from the day you change over and you dont have the option to withdraw any of the balance during that period. The difference in the final balances is pretty significant though – i’m currently on target to reach $10000 whereas with the Enhanced option the final balance would be $41,000 based on switching over $1500 which is what the balance will be this time next week.

Investment $800
Balance Now $1423.33
Growth 77.91%
Working Days Elapsed 35
Working Days Remaining 145
Estimated Final Total $10000.65

Felmina Alliance Review

Probably not given Mathematician Betting enough credit over the last year because its been consistently profitable, educational and honest. Thought i’d reproduce the daily reviews of the past week to give you an idea of how its going. As usual got to say a highly impressive service which has been around for ever – and that cant happen without either slick marketing (definitely doesnt have that) or satisfied customers (definitely does have those). Highly recommended.

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F r i d a y ‘s R e v i e w

Has to be said it was a high class message yesterday from top to bottom. There were 3 bets at the top of the message with two winning securing a decent profit. The bottom of the message did very well almost catching fire. If we ignore the races that had just shortlists which were succesful anyway we ended up with about 12 selections in the message. There were 6 winners and a place] and only 5 losers and overall a very intelligent well planned mail.

T h u r s d a y ‘s R e v i e w

Honours even yesterday much as we finished a little
in profit fromthe 3 options. I came away with a small
profit from the saver on No Dominion but I shortlisted
3 horses there and they finished 1st 3rd 4th so could
have been a lot more lucrative. Nothing from the next
bet but INFINITUM won easily to put us a bit ahead.

M o n d a y ‘s R e v i e w

There was no message yesterday. I posted on the board
I needed a days break after a long stint. That just leaves
Mondays message to review. I went with HAAJES as the
bet and maid him a full bet and he ran ok but didn’t have
the legs. I have had a short break from the account and
needed that as well. The service is much more than just
the top of the message and given the time of year and a
lot of bad weather and Monday was the first time I have
had a bet in a while. My other option Shawkantango ran
second each way so a loss on the day but no surprises
given the prices and the state of the racing in October.

S a t u r d a y ‘s R e v i e w

I think the message more than did itself justice yesterday
and in places it was highly impressive. We finished about
level from the four options we had. On the positive side
Strange Magic won easily to start us off and he made sure
we couldn’t lose on the four bets. It was dissapointing that I didn’t get another winner from the 4 bets to reward that message. I probably wasted a couple of bets looking for a big priced horse. The Options though broke level but the bottom of the message was quite impressive. There were
good winners at 4/1 15/2 and 11/4 as well and I felt that
we got the better of the day and deserved more than just
breaking level on the four bets. I think it won on points.

highly recommended service for both education and profit
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60% Growth With Felmina

Now up to 60% growth with my Felmina account – little bit more referral money from couple of family members has boosted it as well.

Click for the website which expands on and explains more clearly how things work 

Click for Felminas Facebook Page

Investment $800
Balance Now $1337.61
Growth 59.80%
Working Days Remaining 150
Estimated Final Total $10000.65

Felmina Alliance Review

Mathematician Betting Update

Someone contacted me some time ago about their views on this service so i just thought i’d reproduce them below to give the perspective of personal experience.

Yup Maths is a good bloke.
I was with him a few years ago but had to leave when my circumstances changed and I could no longer use his messages.
I was tempted in again for Cheltenham month and am having a great time.

These days most want to take short cuts. He is a rare case who believes in very hard work. He always struck me as very honest as well. He calls a spade a spade as they say.

The service is run honestly and straight forward too. I have come across shifty operations that once you join up do all they can to try and lure you into paying more such as odds to bets for so called inside info. Just a con game. Maths puts 100% effort into his normal service and that’s it. Not once did he try and sell me anything else.

He reminds me in ways of a small local shopkeeper. No super slick marketing but instead depending on treating people fairly and squarely , providing a good service in the hope they stay and recommend him to others.

highly recommended service for both education and profit
More details here

Bullpips Update

Just a quick update about the Bullpips system – after trying to contact the owner with a couple of queries without response i came across another blog who confirmed that the business was up for sale and the site shut down. owner may have decided he just wants to use the system rather than sell it but a shame we never got to look at the EA they were rumoured to be developing.

Not that much to report from Profit Clicking this week . They caught up daily interest payment to the 15th October but i’ve only had 1 since then so slipped a little again. Not a big problem for me though – i’m splitting what i receive through daily interest and commission between reinvesting and withdrawing. currently got 3 withdrawls ongoing with Payza, Egopay and Solid Trust Pay totalling $350 so i’ll let you know how i get on with them.

The new website is very impressive though and seems to be handling all the transactions perfectly – certainly on my account anyway – long may it continue.

Check out the Profit Clicking website here

In the last update about Profit Clicking i said i was reserving judgement until i’d received interest and had a withdrawl completed – well both boxes are ticked now so all i can say is that Profit Clicking is carrying out its promises. My previous main criticism was the poor communication from them but they now have a 24/7 live conference room which 5/6 moderators try to answer all the questions raised so i dont think you can ask for more than that.

Still not perfect obviously but they’re catching up interest payments and i received payment for 6th October yesterday. They promise to be up to date in the near future but the fact they’re paying the interest is all i’m bothered about – in fact just checked the account again and the 7th’s is in there as well now.

So a lot of positives to report about Profit Clicking and, to be fair, its a massive undertaking theye’ve got on their hands – not sure of the numbers of members but its in the tens of thousands so there was bound to be some ‘bumps in the road’ as they put it. They could have handled it better to allay a lot of the members concerns but moving forward the website is really good and a massive improvement on the JBP site. Your ‘packages’ are placed immediately and your accounts are updated immediately with everything you do as far as i can tell. No excuses for them now though – they’ve got all the infrastructure in place and working so we’ll see where we go.

Check out the new website here

46% Growth with Felmina

Coming up to 5 weeks in with Felmina now and the balance is growing steadily – total of $370 which is 46.19%. At the current rate of growth, without adding anything to the principal, withdrawing anything & keeping the compounding rate at 100%, the final figure according to the onsite calculator will be $9287.52. Just another 157 working days to go!

Click for the website which expands on and explains more clearly how things work 

Click for Felminas Facebook Page

Felmina Alliance Review

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