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My Goal


The purpose of this blog is to record my attempts to generate an income which will allow me to leave my current employment. I have until August 17th to achieve this as I am currently on a career break so will be applying myself full-time.

I originally began to record my results in September but due to illness, work on the house & the amount of research involved in doing this I had to let the blog slide. In the meantime the original line up of services i’m using has changed and they are now listed on the ‘Systems’ page.

I’m working with a £5000 bank which I am hoping to compound and draw from as I go along. It might not work out that way or it might work like a dream – who knows.  Whatever happens will be recorded on these pages over the next 6 months or so and, hopefully, will help you in deciding wether any of the services are right for you.

The thing about all of these services is that you wouldnt actually have to give up a day job – they are all ‘set up & leave’.  Doesnt necessarily mean they’re any good though – we’ll find that out over the next 6/7 months..

Hope you enjoy reading it & good luck with everything you do.

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