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Need to do an update for Alerts4profit formerly known as Moneytexts. Highly reccommended service which made 15% profit in May if staking 2.5% of bank. Arik, who runs the service, has found his evening signals much more profitable than the morning signals so is now only giving them.

No change to the format of the signals – ie you receive exact instructions of entry level, profit level and stop loss. You place the trade and forget about it.

In May the service had 9 trades which went live – 7 winners and 2 losers.

30 Day Free Trial & Full Details Here

Money Text Review, alerts4profit review

Nice Start for Bull Pips

Nice start for the new system – 105 pips over 4 trades with 1 breakeven and 3 winners. it was a close thing on the e/u winning trade & could have been another b/e depending on your broker but obviously very happy with the start overall.

Todays pips +105
Running Total +105

More details here

Eur/Usd Trades

Bull Pips Forex Trading System Review







Gbp/Usd Trades

Bull Pips Trading System Review

Just thought i’d share this with you in case you’ve got a smart phone and were considering buying a sat-nav for the car. Nav Free is a free sat nav which has turn by turn voice instructions – i’ve got it for the iphone and its also available for android phones. I’ve used it for a month or so now & the quality is great – no lagging, always keeps up with your location. Highly recommended – but cant understand why its free as there doesnt appear to be any advertising on it.

A few people have asked me in the last couple of months for the compounding calculator which shows how small gains can grow into a substantial amount over time and the chapters of Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. Couldnt get hold if these because they were on an old latptop but i’ve got them now so if you’ve asked previously or want them let me know.

Bonus Bagging Reminder

Seems like more and more people are becoming aware of this service as i’m getting a couple of emails a week advertising it from various affiliates. the beauty of it is though, unlike a lot of services it doesnt matter how many people join as long as the bookies are offering free bonuses it will continue t work.

I’ve managed another £27 since the last update – should have been more but i messed the staking up. The additional service – ie the arbitrage software – continues to be fun to use and profitable. With that its basically what you get out of it will depend on the time you put in.

As i mentioned in the last update if you havent joined this service yet what i’d do is sign up for Bonus Bagging, get a quick few hundred from that and just use that bank for the arbitrage betting. So you’ll have made money with no risk at all and then you’ll be using that money to make more money with no risk at all – doesnt get much better than that.

Mike also includes an ‘old school’ arbitrade method free with the service which i’m going to try – basically involves fixed odds coupons. Havent had the time to try this yet with the house move etc but it does also seem a sound strategy.

Profit £709.74

Details here

Just come across this special offer from one of the brokers i use – Think Forex. I have an EA on a VPS with Think Forex and have had no issues at all with them for the 12 months its been running. (unfortunately the EA hasnt been performing quite as well as the brokers platform but thats not really Think Forexs fault).

They also offer a free VPS to clients maintaining a minimum balance of $500 which is a decent offer on its own. 20% bonus is open to new and existing customers. Obviously wouldnt recommend a broker i hadnt used without problems so if you need a new one take a look.

Full details click here

Perfect Trading Mental Attitude

Just found this on the www.tic2tic.com website. Read a lot of psychological advice re trading but i think these are easier to identify with than most

“I trade what I see and not what I believe.

I think in probabilities.

Predicting what the market will do is impossible, irrelevant, and stupid.

The techniques I use give me an edge, which is nothing more than a probability that the trade will go in my favor.

Accordingly, I will stay true to my techniques. I’m lost without them.

I am never right or wrong, because those are not probabalistic perspectives.

My trading edges are like a coin that is rigged to give heads more often than tails. Taking
a trade setup is like flipping the coin. This is good.

I am not Merlin or Ms. Cleo. I have no crystal ball. I don’t need certainty, for there is none in trading.

I always pre-define my risk prior to taking a trade. If a trade does not work, I don’t sweat it. I wait patiently for the next set-up.

The market is my own personal casino. I am the Dealer. By taking all of my clear trade setups, the casino is rigged in my favor.”

Away for a week

Going away for Easter so next update will be next Tuesday. Good luck with trading this week and enjoy the break.

Forex Growth Bot Update

Been running Forex Growth Bot EA for the past month so just wanted to let you know how its gone. Not well unfortunately – total of 62 trades with 19 winners and 43 losers. In line with what the author has recorded which is a positive. Have to put it down as failed but will keep an eye on it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Just wanted to say thanks for all the contributions, ideas and suggestions from viewers of the blog and heres to a safe, healthy and prosperous 2011 for all of us.

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