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Well in fact thats more than enough of the ‘Smart’ Forex Signals. 4 emails without a response is about as bad customer service as i’ve experienced in the 2 years i’ve been reviewing stuff. it looked too good to be true and it was – leave well alone.   Dont care if the answer to my query ie why am i not getting the trades via email?  has been covered already in the FAQ’s, its just totally unprofessional to ignore any communication.

Update on Smart Forex Signals

Joined at the start of last week and there was a trade which i didnt receive. Queried this with them but their approach to queries seems to be that if its already covered in FAQ they dont reply. They dont even say ‘look in our FAQ’s’ which for me is pretty poor. My question was why havent i receive the trade & i have signed up & received confirmation which i dont feel is specifically covered in the FAQ’s.

Emailed them twice without response so i’ll see what happens this week. Trade was a winner as well.

Smart Forex Signals

Just come across a new service Smart Forex Signals on Facebook of all places. Dont know anything about it apart from whats on the website but at $9.95 a month its cheap enough for me to do my own research for a couple of months.

To be honest with you it seems be an ‘If Carlsberg did Forex Signals’ service. Its v.low cost @ $9.95 a month, results seem to be fantasically good, the signals are longish term ‘swing signals’ so theres no really time issues with getting them as the entry price seems to be a reasonable distance from the current price. The trades are also updated regularly so you can follow the service providers movements. Only seem to have been recording results since March & as they seem almost too good to be true cue me joining to send the service into a 3 month losing run.

Theres also an option to get an app for your iphone for £1.19 which allows you to receive trade updates directly to it. When you think that Trade Spread Bets was looking for about £100 per month for their service without any definite entry points that i could make out, this seems a good deal. We’ll see.

Smart Forex Signals

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