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I mentioned in my monthly systems and services review that i was going to look at this service – i’m not now and have included a link which will probably explain why more eloquently than i can.


Very quiet morning for Black Dog today – there were some nice trends but the MACD wasnt set up right so it wasnt until 3.45pm that we got a valid signal. There was another @ 4.15pm & they were both winners for another 40 pips on the day.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 4666 pips


15.45 +20

16.15 +20

Really good day today for the Black Dog Forex system with 84 pips gained. 6 winners and 3 losers. Decided today that i need to alter take profit levels on a couple of pairs. The usd/cad is moving pretty slowly at the moment with a small average trading range so i’m reducing the target to 10 pips with 10 stop & the opposite is true of the eur/jpy which will be 30/30 tp & sl.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 4586 pips

11.45 +20
14.45 +20

15.30 +20
7.15 -12

10.00 +20
11.30 -12

10.15 +10
11.15 -6

13.00 +20


No updates for 2 weeks

Going away on Saturday for 2 weeks so the next update will be on the 20th July. No trading tomorrow as i’m doing all the things i should have been doing this week like buying currency, clothes etc.

Hope everyones trading goes well in the meantime.

A fellow trader has offered to help with the updating of the blog which, apart from more regular results listed, will also mean more services trialled.

As well as more regular updates on Winning Dow Signals & LS Trader we will be looking at the service offered by the guys @ http://www.intelligenttradersclub.co.uk   & a specific service provider on http://www.zulutrade.com.

Zulu Trade allows you to subscribe free of charge to an FX Trader from the hundreds registered with them. Once you’ve susbscribed and got an account with a suitable brokerage Zulu place the trades on your behalf, shadowing the trades placed by your provider. Well aware of the potential issues with this kind of set up but Zulu have been established for a long time and are the leading provider of this service in the industry so we’ll just have to see.

I’m trialling something entirely different – all the details are here; http://robobets.com.   Never had much faith in horse systems or tipsters but i’m not really too bothered about where our winnings come from to be honest.   Its free until you make £100 & then have to choose a subscription option – again time will tell but i think i’ll like this one if it comes off.

Not totally binned Wealthbuilder but hasnt made any progress bank wise for the last couple of months and thats obviously not what i’m looking for. I’m going to keep an eye on the systems performance on the German DAX index because a couple of people have told me they trade it successfully. It seems to have been less volatile than the FTSE over the past month and if you back test on IG Index going back to the 8th May its made around 100 pips.

Just to let you know i’ll be away next week so next entry will be 20th April

Just to again say if anyone reading this would like a copy of the ‘compound’ calculator which i refer to occasionally, just email me & i’ll let you have it.

I find it useful to keep me positive & focused about the trading especially when you have a couple of bad days. It lets you put in your starting bank, daily pip amount you want/hope to achieve & a little bit further down any pay you want to take out.  Its good to put in a conservative daily pip figure & see where that takes you in 6/12 months.

Correction to yesterdays Wealthbuilder

Must confess to assuming i must have done something wrong yesterday (as i did last week) when i managed to get +9 pips with Wealthbuilder & Neils nightly email confirmed an 18 pip loss.

Should have queried it but turns out Neil was mistaken and all users of the system had managed a +9 pip gain. So the revised total is

New bank £655.16
New stake £1.32

Unfortunately its been a tough 2 months for FX Pro Trade and, although they’ve just announced an additional system and money management system, i think i’ve given it a fair enough go now.

In total i’ve followed it for 4 months – November, December, January & February. December was a great month with 1858 pips profit but the other 3 months have been very poor so i’ve decided to stop trading with it & replace it in the portfolio with LS Trader.

If you know of LS Trader you’ll probably be aware that it made an incredible 1500% for its subscribers last year & this is already 25% up. This is more in line with their published expectations of 150% profit per year & they readily admit that last year was an exceptional year.

They feel that it has been a ‘difficult start to the year’ & feel that settled trends are starting to appear in the markets now – if 25% in 2 months is a ‘difficult period’ this could be very interesting.

Theres not much actual work involved – email received Sunday evening advising you which new trades to enter (depends on size of your bank how many markets you will trade), which trades to exit & to moves stops if appropriate. Everything takes about 15 monutes and your done for the week.  I’ll update how i’m getting on every Monday

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