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Profit Clicking Update

Unsurprisingly still had no money out of Profit Clicking – their focus is on marketing to new potential subscribers or members who havent deposited already and certainly not on increasing the size of the withdrawl window from the 2 or 3 seconds a day it appears to be at the moment! Daily updates of upbeat nonsense is beginning to grate so i’ll be blocking them and leave any updates until i manage to withdraw anything. no doubt i’ll still be re-investing the ‘interest’ i’m paid though.

Update from Profit Clicking is a strange one. There interest ‘payments’ are now received like clockwork albeit every couple of days. Good for me now as my daily interest is up to nearly $130 during the week. All sounds great until you try to withdraw money – my last attempt was to cancel a withdrawl i had ‘pending’ for a month and switch to their ‘express’ withdrawl system which limited you to $50 a time. Better than nothing i thought. Unfortunately no dice with that one either because the ‘daily limit’ is always reached before i try no matter what time it is. Now cancelled that and gone back to the standard withdrawl function which a few people on twitter have confirmed has been successful eventually.

Not an expert on payment processors etc but surely they cant be putting limits on the amounts you can withdraw via Profit Clicking as PC are claiming – they make their money via the percentage charged so surely its in their interest to get as much going through their system as possible. Anyway we’ll see what happens.

Check out the Profit Clicking website here

Profit Clicking have caught up with their interest payments which for me is currently $42 on weekdays and $21 on the weekends. Interesting times ahead with the announcement of a ‘Profit Shift’ (the new name for restarts’) in mid-November – interesting from the point of view of the % level taken from members. there was always going to be one – just a case of when and what level.

Also now reached the payout days for my 3 withdrawls – i know that wont happen anytime soon but not too bothered as long as its within the next week or so.

Check out the Profit Clicking website here

Not that much to report from Profit Clicking this week . They caught up daily interest payment to the 15th October but i’ve only had 1 since then so slipped a little again. Not a big problem for me though – i’m splitting what i receive through daily interest and commission between reinvesting and withdrawing. currently got 3 withdrawls ongoing with Payza, Egopay and Solid Trust Pay totalling $350 so i’ll let you know how i get on with them.

The new website is very impressive though and seems to be handling all the transactions perfectly – certainly on my account anyway – long may it continue.

Check out the Profit Clicking website here

In the last update about Profit Clicking i said i was reserving judgement until i’d received interest and had a withdrawl completed – well both boxes are ticked now so all i can say is that Profit Clicking is carrying out its promises. My previous main criticism was the poor communication from them but they now have a 24/7 live conference room which 5/6 moderators try to answer all the questions raised so i dont think you can ask for more than that.

Still not perfect obviously but they’re catching up interest payments and i received payment for 6th October yesterday. They promise to be up to date in the near future but the fact they’re paying the interest is all i’m bothered about – in fact just checked the account again and the 7th’s is in there as well now.

So a lot of positives to report about Profit Clicking and, to be fair, its a massive undertaking theye’ve got on their hands – not sure of the numbers of members but its in the tens of thousands so there was bound to be some ‘bumps in the road’ as they put it. They could have handled it better to allay a lot of the members concerns but moving forward the website is really good and a massive improvement on the JBP site. Your ‘packages’ are placed immediately and your accounts are updated immediately with everything you do as far as i can tell. No excuses for them now though – they’ve got all the infrastructure in place and working so we’ll see where we go.

Check out the new website here

Received my withdrawl from Profit Clicking into my Payza account today which is great news – the only negative for me is i havent received any interest which they’ve just started paying out again over the last week. Thats because i wasnt viewing the 3 websites a day though so that will change from today. Certainly feel more positive about them and they have live 24/7 chat rooms as well which are staffed with quite a lot of moderators answering questions and concerns immediately.

Will be interesting to see how it goes in the coming months. The interest rates have been halved so its now 1% weekdays and .5% at weekends but this may be a temporary situation apparently. Suppose the big question is when will he next ‘restart’ take place – think lot of members wil be looking for a decent run of interest payments before the next one as a goodwill gesture in light of the migration issues from JBP.

Check out the new website here

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