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Update on LS Trader and LS Forex

Quick general update on the ‘LS’ services. LS Trader requires about 10-15 mins on a Sunday night and LS Forex requires you to place a couple of trades or amend a stop loss during the week. They’re not income generating systems as such but are designed to be medium/long term investment vehicles which you leave to compound in addition to pension funds or similar.

Had a recent email from the providers of the services summarising the performance this year. I’ve just copied and pasted the information re the actual figures below. I’m not an expert on fund performances but i’m pretty confident the results out-perform most of them albeit with a bit of work required on our part.

Only downside is that its recommended that you have a minimum bank of £3000 for LS Trader and £2000 for LS Forex to start with to cover the monthly subscriptions so its not for everyone but a very successful service if you’ve got the funds.

Free trials on both services available here LS Trader & LS Forex

LS Trader
So much so that as at the time of writing this the LS Trader system is up 66.83% year to date. Considering that the first 8 months of this year, trading conditions were as difficult as they are ever likely to be, this is no small achievement and bodes very well for the future.

LS Forex
At the time of writing, the LS Forex system is up 106.97% for the year to date. This is obviously excellent and is already above the 97.83% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) that the system has generated in backtesting over the past 28 years. This year’s trading is in line with the backtested results, having exceeded them already and we still have 5 weeks to go!

LS Trader Update (at last) 10/09

Finally entered trades using the LS Trader weekly emails on Monday after getting the bank sorted out. There is guidance provided which specifies which ‘portfolio’ is appropriate for you depending on your bank size but as there is a way of reducing your minimum bet size with IG Index i’m basically going to take all the trades until my maximum level of trades is reached – 15.

Good start to the service this week – obviously cant be specific about the markets but the breakdown is;

1 trade +£12

Soft Commodities
1 trade -£24

1 trade +£198

Bonds etc
1 trade +£45

For more info on LS Trader click here

Final update for LS Trader

I’ve taken the decision to stop trading LS Trader for a couple of reasons. The main one being that the guys i was sharing the £147 per month subscription with have decided they dont want to continue so its just too much to shell out for me at the moment.

The actual performance hasnt been that great recently either and whilst i only ever looked at it as a long term service i think i need to divert the funds allocated to it to another service which can provide a regular income.  I may well go back to it but at the moment its just not really what I need.

Tough time for LS Trader

LS Traders currently in a down trend, i had a few trades close out this week and the balance is now standing @ £2623.12 with a running loss of £86.99. Not uncommon for this type of long term trading service to go through these patches hopefully will turn round pretty quickly.

LS Trader Update

I personally had a mixed week with LS Trader last week although the balance of their full portfolio went up over 6%. I banked some more profits which leaves me currently with a bank of £2,923 & running profit of £120.

A fellow trader has offered to help with the updating of the blog which, apart from more regular results listed, will also mean more services trialled.

As well as more regular updates on Winning Dow Signals & LS Trader we will be looking at the service offered by the guys @ http://www.intelligenttradersclub.co.uk   & a specific service provider on http://www.zulutrade.com.

Zulu Trade allows you to subscribe free of charge to an FX Trader from the hundreds registered with them. Once you’ve susbscribed and got an account with a suitable brokerage Zulu place the trades on your behalf, shadowing the trades placed by your provider. Well aware of the potential issues with this kind of set up but Zulu have been established for a long time and are the leading provider of this service in the industry so we’ll just have to see.

I’m trialling something entirely different – all the details are here; http://robobets.com.   Never had much faith in horse systems or tipsters but i’m not really too bothered about where our winnings come from to be honest.   Its free until you make £100 & then have to choose a subscription option – again time will tell but i think i’ll like this one if it comes off.

Not totally binned Wealthbuilder but hasnt made any progress bank wise for the last couple of months and thats obviously not what i’m looking for. I’m going to keep an eye on the systems performance on the German DAX index because a couple of people have told me they trade it successfully. It seems to have been less volatile than the FTSE over the past month and if you back test on IG Index going back to the 8th May its made around 100 pips.

good week for ls trader

Just to let you know that my LS Trader trades finished £930 up.  A really good week & more in line with what they expect to provide for subscribers so lets hope it continues.  Overall, including current trades £700 in credit.

Update on LS Trader

Just thought i’d let you know how this service is currently going.  The actual bank is £200 down but the current trades i’m are £896 in credit so overall doing well.

As i’ve said before this is the lowest work & maintenance of anything i’ve ever come across – 10 mins Monday morning & thats it until following Sunday night/Monday morning. You shouldnt really look at the trades during the week but its difficult not to at first. Too early to get too excited but at least its looking positive.

LS Trader Week Commencing 27th April

Not good times for this service at the moment. I was stopped out of another trade last week for a £200 loss which puts me @ £200+ down with 2 further trades heavily in the red and pretty close to their stop losses with just 1 trade showing profit at the moment.

Operators of the service acknowledge difficult times & say it may be due to some ‘consolidation’ after last years 1500% profits. Not sure that makes too much sense to me as trades are made both long & short and market ‘consolidation’ is generally 1 way. Doesnt really matter if it makes sense or not to be honest – doesnt help with the fact that i’m losing a fair amount of money following the trade advice.

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