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Profit Clicking have caught up with their interest payments which for me is currently $42 on weekdays and $21 on the weekends. Interesting times ahead with the announcement of a ‘Profit Shift’ (the new name for restarts’) in mid-November – interesting from the point of view of the % level taken from members. there was always going to be one – just a case of when and what level.

Also now reached the payout days for my 3 withdrawls – i know that wont happen anytime soon but not too bothered as long as its within the next week or so.

Check out the Profit Clicking website here

Not that much to report from Profit Clicking this week . They caught up daily interest payment to the 15th October but i’ve only had 1 since then so slipped a little again. Not a big problem for me though – i’m splitting what i receive through daily interest and commission between reinvesting and withdrawing. currently got 3 withdrawls ongoing with Payza, Egopay and Solid Trust Pay totalling $350 so i’ll let you know how i get on with them.

The new website is very impressive though and seems to be handling all the transactions perfectly – certainly on my account anyway – long may it continue.

Check out the Profit Clicking website here

Profit Clicking Update

Not really sure what to make of the developments at Profit Clicking. More functionality has been added to the site now – originally the option was there just to buy ‘ad packages’ (the old tripler positions) and that was the case for about a week. You are now able to ‘withdraw’ to your payment processor but the reality of this is that this just gets you a place in a ‘queue’ & its up to Profit Clicking as to when or if they process it. My guess is that they have quite a few requests in that queue due to the previous lengthy delays and lack of communication both during and after the changeover.

The requirement is to ‘view’ 3 adverts every day (basically visit 3 websites) for 20 secs each – this is not a massive issue, especially if it does actually sustain the programme. Until they actually start both paying interest on new & old positions and, crucially, actually process withdrawls i’ll reserve judgment.

Reached a landmark today with Just Been Paid as i’ve now withdrawn the amount I initially invested so everything from now on is risk free. I’m planning to withdraw whatever bits of referral commission i get but carry on investing the daily interest in buying triplers – that way you keep the income coming.

More details about joining the programme here

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Total positions 206
Daily Interest $41.20
Total deposited $200
Interest Gained $1613.25
Withdrawn $210.40

Just Been Paid Review

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