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Honest Forex Signals Update

Slight improvement in results for Honest Forex Signals over the last week and a half. Over that period they’re 40 pips up with a record of 5 wins and 2 losers – take profit is +40 pips and the stop loss is -80pips.

I believe they’re doing an offer of the first month for $99 at the moment.

RunningTotal -185 pips

More details about the service here

Not much improvement last week for Honest Forex Signals – 4 trades 2 losers and 2 winners. unfortunately the 2 losers were for 80 pips each and the winners were 15 & 40 pips respectively.
Total -225 pips

More details about the service here

Not the best of starts for this service with 2 losers of 80 pips and a 40 pip winner today leaving it 120 pips down on the week.

Total -120 pips

More details about the service here

Thanks to Gary, one of the viewers of the blogs, for making me aware of Honest Forex Signals. Hadnt heard of the service before but they’ve been around since January 2011 and, according to their site records, have made about 18,000 pips since then. These claims are supported with account statements and, more recently, a MyFXBook page which is located here.  Please bear in mind that this only shows the gbp/usd trades.

Website claims and sales pages are one thing but some independent reviews are usually another thing altogether so i had a look at the reviews on the Peace Army website and, to be honest, the reviews on there are about as good as i’ve seen for any service i’ve looked at.  Have a look here.

Just a few words about what the service entails – its a ‘trade copier’ which, for those of you who dont know, means that the trades made by the service provider/professional trader, are instantly replicated in your MT4 account without any input on your part. Apart from the apparent quality of the trading made on your behalf it seems that the customer service is outstanding too – of the 3 guys involved Robbie is the trade and Tony & Mike deal with the sales/admin side of the business.

This may go some way to explain why response times of an hour in business hours are standard – i tried it last night and had 2 replies in about 30 mins. The installation of the trade copier software is pretty straightforward but they also offer to install it for you via ‘co-browsing’ software which allows them to access your MT4 chart software.

So it all sounds good – $177 per month but i  think they also offer a low cost trial for a week – hopefully should be set up to start trading with them early next week.

More details here


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