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Just wanted to put up a reminder about the Forex 121 offer of being able to access the FX Education Course which normally costs member £497 for just £19. You then have the option to sign up for the signal service which needs to generate 121 pips or a 2% gain in the month for the monthly fee of £121 to kick in. Having taken the course I can highly recommend it – even if you choose not to get involved with the signal service at the end of the course you will be a better trader and armed with proven strategies you can trade yourself. Definitely worth a look whatever you’re trading experience.

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Discount code is CP934t

Forex 121 review

Glad to be doing this update on Forex 121, seems to have been a long time coming. Think they wanted to make sure there were no more false starts and in its first full month of the relaunch service has seen a 1% growth in the bank .

Just to confirm again as previously mentioned on here the service is offering a ‘performance-related’ fee structure where you pay ONLY if the service gains either 121 pips or a 2% gain on the bank. (presumably means this month is free unless theres a big gain early next week).

The main stumbling block as I see it is the £497 ‘Education’ fee which is payable for an extensive Forex Trading course including the teaching of the methods Dan uses to produce his signals.

Having taken the course last year I can say its definitely value for money if you’re able to trade full time at home – not everybody is which is where the alert services comes in. Dans agreed that I can offer the education and trading course for just £19 via the link on this site using code CP934t – you can then join the ‘performance-related part of the service where you just pay when the profit target of 121 pips or 2% is reached.

In addition they are going to offer subscribers from this blog free, live trader training. Apparently this will take two forms. One course on the absolute basics (what is a pip, what is trading, that sort of level) and the other will be on trading strategies and market analysis. They will be running two of these sessions each week, in the evening and a lunchtime. This will be the same live training that they will be giving to their own clients.

This does seem a great deal from a company which on one day last year made me 600 pips. After a couple of months with them I did describe Forex121 as the best forex service I’d come across and this offer gives us the chance to get some forex training from a genuine, experienced professional before deciding on joining the performance-related service.

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Discount code is CP934t

110 pips winner for Forex121

Forex121 had a winning trade for 110 pips on Gold last week & had a loser for 1% of the bank the week before that. certainly more action from the point of view of set ups but only those 2 actual trades have been triggered over the past couple of weeks.

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There was a Dow trade yesterday which closed this afternoon at break even. looked a good set up but some good data in the US changed the market mood and the decision was take to move stop to b/e which looks a good one.

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300 pips gain for Forex 121

The gbp/nzd trade was closed for around a 300 pips gain this morning. Nice start to March and really hope it continues in this vein.

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Trade for Forex 121 200 pips to the good.

Been a bit of discontent at Forex 121 due to a lack of trading opportunities but believe that a revamp of the service will see Dan look after the shorter term trading whilst Ben looks after the longer term strategy. Made a decent start to March (albeit the first trade) with a gbp/nzd trade 200 pips to the good. Lets hope this a sign of things to come.

If i could ask a favour as well – can anyone who has joined the service since the start of the year let me have any feedback you have about Forex121.

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The eur/chf came back to hit the stop loss last Friday to give another 20 pips to the account. Total for November was around +310 pips for me – other subscribers did a lot better though. These are people who dont just wait for the signals to be sent out – they actually use the strategies to also pick trades themselves and the most successful trader in the month made 1000 pips+.

Thats not ideal for everyone but it does show the strength of the strategies and the service itself.

Total +469 pips

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Forex 121 review, Profitable Forex Signal Service

+220 pips for Forex 121

After a quiet couple of weeks for Forex 121 there were a few trades kicked in in the last few days. We banked 200 pips on a short WS30 trade as well as a quick 20 pips on eur/usd.

There is currently an ongoing trade on eur/chf which is around +90 pips with the stop loss move now guaranteeing at least 20 pips.

There was a loser of around 31 pips last week but lets hope the eur/chf trade can carry on and help me get through the 500 pip barrier.

Total +469 pips

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100 pips winner for Forex 121

Good start to November for Forex121 with a 100 pip winner on a buy trade with Gold.

Total +280 pips

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First losing month for Forex 121

Losing month for Forex 121 – the first since i joined back in June. Difficult month for a lot of services and traders in general but Dan feels he has been to cautious in letting the market volatility dissuade him from taking trades he would normally take.

Hopefully November will see a return to the big winning ways.

Total +180 pips

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