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Bullpips Update

Just a quick update about the Bullpips system – after trying to contact the owner with a couple of queries without response i came across another blog who confirmed that the business was up for sale and the site shut down. owner may have decided he just wants to use the system rather than sell it but a shame we never got to look at the EA they were rumoured to be developing.

Great Finish to last week for Bull Pips

Great finish to last week for Bull Pips with a further 222 pips over Thursday and Friday so the success continues with this system. Joe has also mentioned that he offers a bundle of free stuff such as trading videos by Mark Douglas (highly reccommended) and free set ups which are profitable in their own right. These are available just for free – just need to register with him.  All that infos available here .

If you wish to purchase the system itself its available here

Highly Recommended
Running Total +998 pips

More details here

Meant to post this up last Wednesday night but obviously didnt – solid start to the week again for the system. 99 pips for Monday – Wednesday. Will get Thursday & Fridays figures up asap.

Looking around the web there have been a couple of other review sites singing the praises of this system – one of them is doing a lot better with it than i am to be honest. Always good to read similar reviews to mine – kind of confirms i’m using the system properly.

As well as the system Joe also provides a lot of other tools which are very useful for the serious trader such as trading psychology videos. This is a big plus for us because having a successful isnt even half the battle.

Highly Recommended
Running Total +776

More details here

Was away last week so have been kept up to date by the author of this sytem. Going really well – great customer service as well from Joe and also covered by the 60 Clickbank return policy so totally risk free.

11th july eu -7 gu +9
12th july eu +26 gu +6
13th july eu +10 gu +16

+60 pips

16h jul eu +32 gu +14
17th jul eu +32 gu +9
18th jul eu +25 gu -8
19th jul eu +30 gu +17

+151 pips

Todays pips +211 pips
Running Total +677

More details here

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Bull Pips Update 11th July

Out of the last 7 trading days we’ve had 3 losing an 4 winning days leaving us + 94 pips ahead over the period. Still going really well with this trial.

2nd July -71
3rd July +43
4th July +56
5th July +44
6th July +68

9th July -24
10th July -22

Todays pips +94
Running Total +466

More details here

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Bull Pips update week commencing 25th June

The good run with Bull Pips continues and Joe has been honest enough to admit that the run the system has been on since i began the review has been exceptional even by its own high standards.

We saw the first losing day this week on Monday but overall the bank has increased by 66 pips.

Apologies for the lack of charts but been really busy this week.

Todays pips +66
Running Total +373

More details here

51 Pips For Bull Pips Over 19th & 20th

Still looking for the first losing day with Bull Pips – 19th produced +3 pips & was a volatile day, yesterday produced 48 pips.

Todays pips +51
Running Total +307

More details here

eu trade 19th june






gu trade 19th june







eu trades 20th june






gu trades 20th june

25 pips for Bull Pips

Very nearly an outstanding day with Bull Pips with the gbp/usd trade just missing the profit target and finishing b/e. the eur/usd trade made 25 pips. Good start continues.

Todays pips +25
Running Total +256

More details here


gbp/usd trade

Bull Pips Forex Review






eur/usd trade

Bull Pips Forex System Update 17th June

Steady progress with Bull Pips – nothing spectacular but steady growth and not a losing day so far & you cant ask for a better start than that. +24 pips on Thursday and a gain of 12 pips overall on Friday.

Todays pips +36
Running Total +231

More details here

gbp/us trades

Bull Pips Forex System Review







eur/usd trades

Bull Pips Forex review

+30 Pips Today For Bull Pips

Good run continues with Bull Pips – total of 6 trades , 4 on eur/usd and 2 on gbp/usd with 4 winners and 2 losers for a 30 pips gain.

Todays pips +30
Running Total +195

More details here

gbp/usd trades

Bull Pips Forex System Review







eur/usd trades

Bull Pips Forex System Review

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