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Anybody following this blog over the past couple of years knows my feelings on the Bonus Bagging service – guaranteed profits, no risk etc etc.  Well Mike Cruikshank, the guy who runs Bonus Bagging has now developed something that generates even more profits for his subscribers. Not quite arbitrage this time but something thats generating £100+ a day currently for his subscribers.

I have just subscribed based on the fact that Bonus Bagging delivered 110% on its claims and still continues to do so – 30 days money back guarantee as well. Definitely recommend having a look at this one. If you were already a subscriber to Bonus Bagging you’ve probably already had the promotion email but if not 100% recommend both Bonus Bagging & Profit Maximiser.

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Bonus Bagging – Just Do It

Bonus Bagging – the more boring series of posts of all time anywhere but the fact is it works. over the pas couple of weeks Mike the guy who runs it has set up videos which show EXACTLY how he has cashed out £75 with a .1 % at online casino, plus £100 cashback offers he’s used to bank £73 elsewhere.

these are for existing members not just new members who can take advantage of the joining offers – what this means is that once you have gone through the 50-60 online bookie offers you can then take advantage of the ongoing offers for existing members so its a continuing small but steady income.

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Not many opening offers available from the online bookies at the moment due to it being the time of the year that a lot of people have their one and only bet. There are, however, some great ‘reload’ offers which can be used in conjunction with the Bonus Bagging strategy to guarantee a £130 profit. Its simple enough to do but Mikes done a video to explain how if you’re a total novice – open to new and existing customers of this particular bookie

Again this is a service that GUARANTEES you to profit from the bookies offers – no question about it, if you havent subscribed just do it & if you are already a member have a look at the latest offers Mike has highlighted where you can make some nice money this week.

Details here

Just wanted to remind everyone who hasnt already subscribed to this system to do so now. This is a service that helps you to make money whatever time of the year it is but there is no better time to subscribe than Cheltenam Week with the bookies falling over themselves to give money away to new and existing customers.

Again this is a service that GUARANTEES you to profit from the bookies offers – no question about it, if you havent subscribed just do it & if you are already a member have a look at the latest offers Mike has highlighted where you can make some nice money this week.

Details here

Mike, the guy who runs this service, reckons that only 30% of the people who subscribe to the service actually use it. Thats a surprising stat as its such an easy, profitable way of making a decent amount of money. If you’re one of the 70% i’d highly recommend you contact him to start getting the bets sent through – if you’re unsure about anything he’s always only too happy to help you get started.

The other great thing about this service is that you receive alerts to ongoing offers which are open at online bookies even if you’re an existing member. cost is still £27 for a guaranteed method to raise £500+ with additional income from ongoing online bookies offers. its a no-brainer if you’ve either not subscribed or not started using it

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Because this service is so good i just occasionally want to post a reminder for anyone who’s not used it yet. You can get a £1 weeks trial and by the end of the first week if you’ve taken just one of the bets laid out by Mike you will have paid for the system. If you’ve taken 3 or 4 which is quite easily doable you’ll be miles ahead. This is the only system/service where you can say you ‘will’ be ahead & not ‘might’ or ‘should’

Highest possible reccommendation –  Details here

Even though i’ve gone through pretty much all the available bookmakers to take advantage of the ‘bonus bagging’ guaranteed profit offers, Mike still provides new opportunities to make money. This is a great time to start with this service – the start of the new Premier League season sees all the online bookies falling over themselves to offer new customer sign up bonuses as well as offers for existing customers.

If you’re new to the idea of ‘bonus bagging’ dont worry because the service tells you exactly what you need to do – you dont need to understand it, just follow the instructions Mike provides to the letter and you’ll be picking up guaranteed, locked in profits on a weekly or even daily basis.

There is also an option to take a weeks trial for £1 – think you have to exit the screen from the link below & the offer pops up.

Highest possible reccommendation –  Details here

Not much action for me personally with Bonus Bagging but Mike, who runs the service, just emailed everyone to advise them that theres around £1500 of free bets on offer from all the online bookmakers being launched in time for the Euro 2012 tournament. These can all be taken advantage of using the Bonus Bagging method so, if you havent already done so, i’d strongly reccommend you subscribe to the service asap.

Highest possible reccommendation –  Details here

Just been made aware that Bonus Bagging has been given a new name… ‘The £500 in 30 Days Guarantee’. As regular viewer of this blog know this is a really fantastic product – probably the best product i’ve ever reviewed. Its not because it will make you thousands of pounds because it wont – but it will guarantee that you make hundreds if you follow Mikes simple instructions as to where to place your bets.

I hope this change will make more people aware of Bonus Bagging which will be a good thing. Theres no actual difference in anything but the name but i think the change in name makes it more clear what you can easily achieve. Not life changing amounts but money you can use for other stuff.

Its still available via Clickbank which gives you the 60 day full money guaranteed refund.

So the question is can you really make ‘£500 in 30 days’… guaranteed? Well i’d say you definitely can if you’re able to place 3/4 bets per week following Mikes instructions which take advantage of the online offers bookies make to new customers. Mike uses these offers in a clever way to ensure you profit whatever the results. Some people might make more, some people less – like everything depends what time you’re able to devote to it.

Highest possible reccommendation –
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Guaranteed £35 with Bonus Bagging

Just 1 more winner since last update for £27.34. Received an email this afternoon with details of a guaranteed £35 profit for new and existing members of one of the major online bookmarkers. If you’re not already a member Mike will set you up in time to receive the details before tomorrow night if you give him an hour or so.

As always highly recommended & more details here.

Profit £1047.94

Details here

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