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Good day with the Black Dog system today – 5 trades with 4 winners for a total of 65 pips gain.

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12.15 +20

10.45 +20
15.30 +20

14.00 +20
17.15 -15

Good day for Black Dog Forex today – total of 7 trades, 5 winners and 2 losers. There were 5 additional trades which were also winners but they overlapped with the trades which i took & i only open 1 trade per 15 min candle. just shows how well the system finds winners though.

60 pips gain overall.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

gbp/usd 9.45 +20

eur/usd 10.45 +20

eur/jpy 9.00 -20
10.15 +20

aud/usd 13.45 +20

usd/jpy 08.45 +20
13.15 -20

Running total +1968 pips

Update on AJ Tips – Service Closed Down

A lots happend at AJ Tips since my last update where they were 18% up for the month. They had a very poor finish to April and ended up down for the month overall & then carried that form into May where they were heavily down but then had a 9% winning day – they then followed that with a 10% losing day on Tuesday.

Just checked with the operator if there was a problem as no email received today and site down & got the following.

Dear Member

This is an email to inform you that the AJ Tips service is closing down immediately. As you will be aware, results have not been great lately and I have taken the decision to shut down the service. All those members who are eligible for part/full refunds will receive their refunds within the next few hours and the website will be shut down. There will not be a results email today or any other further correspondence.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for trying out the service and I am sorry it has not worked out for you.

So thats that – another sports betting service in the failed pile.

AJ Tips up to +18.1% gain for the month

AJ Tips reached a new high for the month today with 2 winners from 3 – now at just over 18% increase in the bank from the start of April.

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Relatively quiet week with no trading for me at all yesterday, 7 trades on Wednesday & just 3 on Tuesday. Seeing a lot of ‘hi/lo’ trades not quite hit the 15 ema line & then go onto make good gains so i’m to have a look at this to see if there may be a way to include these kind of movements as trades as long as the got to x number of pips away from the line.

Tuesday came in with +10 pips up as follows;
AUD/USD 7.30 +20
NZ/USD 16.00
EUR/JPY 17.00 B/E

Wednesday was busier with 31 pips gained;
NZD/USD 10.15 -20
USD/CAD 10.45 -16
13.15 +20
16.15 -13
AUD/USD 14.45 +20
17.30 +20
EUR/USD 15.15 +20

Running total +1574 pips

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Winning Start for AJ Tip’s

Nice start for AJ Tips – screen shot of the selections email below. 1/2 pt gain overall on the day but to put that into perspective the operator of the service reccommends a 50 pt bank so the 7.5 pts i’ve personally gained so far represents about 15% gain on whatever that 50 pt bank amounts to in cash.

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