Its been a long time since i’ve done any updates to the blog and this may well not be read by anybody nowadays. I originally began the blog as a way to record my trades so i think i’ll go back to that and any interaction will be a bonus.

Its been even longer since i updated re Winning Dow Signals but a recent email from them was a real eye opener so i thought i’d resume my trading with their signal service with a view to adding maybe 1 or 2 more strategies along the way. I’ve learnt a lot since i started the blog and now wont be reviewing anything unless tried and tested by either myself or people i know personally – theres very few genuine services out there that i’m aware of but WDS is definitely one of those. I stopped using them some time ago due a bit of a dispute in which, in hindsight, they were in the right.

Below is the email i received from them – as you can see the results claimed are pretty amazing & i know from experience will be accurate. What i would say is that the intra day signals would require you to be able to place trades any time of the day so would be difficult to follow with a standard 9-5.  all the other signals though are placeable outside office hours.

The e-book special offer is now officially closed but they have advised me that anyone joining via the blog will still be eligible for it. I’ll be updating my results 2/3 times a week = any queries let me know.

The site is here & the link to join and qualify for the e-book offer is:


We are now 6 months through the year and our end of day signals are showing a profit of 6,284 points and our intra-day signals are showing a profit of 24,925 points – 31,209 points in total!

After numerous requests over the years we have decided to write an e-book detailing the strategies we use to generate over 1,200 points profit per week, which we anticipate being completed by the end of September. We are looking at an initial price point of £997 which represents great value given the strategies described currently generate over 5,000 points profit per month.

To celebrate the launch of the e-book we have a special offer for the first 25 people to subscribe to our monthly subscription scheme. Not only will you get access to the most profitable signals in trading at the discounted rate of £49.95 per month (half its usual cost) but, as long as you are still active subscribers at the time of its release, we will send you the e-book for FREE (saving £997). To take advantage of this special offer please sign up via the link below:

We anticipate the above offer will sell out quickly so don’t delay!

Kind regards

Winning Dow Signals