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Profit Clicking Update

Not really sure what to make of the developments at Profit Clicking. More functionality has been added to the site now – originally the option was there just to buy ‘ad packages’ (the old tripler positions) and that was the case for about a week. You are now able to ‘withdraw’ to your payment processor but the reality of this is that this just gets you a place in a ‘queue’ & its up to Profit Clicking as to when or if they process it. My guess is that they have quite a few requests in that queue due to the previous lengthy delays and lack of communication both during and after the changeover.

The requirement is to ‘view’ 3 adverts every day (basically visit 3 websites) for 20 secs each – this is not a massive issue, especially if it does actually sustain the programme. Until they actually start both paying interest on new & old positions and, crucially, actually process withdrawls i’ll reserve judgment.

Because this service is so good i just occasionally want to post a reminder for anyone who’s not used it yet. You can get a £1 weeks trial and by the end of the first week if you’ve taken just one of the bets laid out by Mike you will have paid for the system. If you’ve taken 3 or 4 which is quite easily doable you’ll be miles ahead. This is the only system/service where you can say you ‘will’ be ahead & not ‘might’ or ‘should’

Highest possible reccommendation –  Details here

End of 2nd Week With Felmina

Nothing much to report from the Felmina account – receiving the interest as laid out on the site. Now reached $1007 from a starting balance of $800 which is a growth of nearly 26% for me – there is some referral commission in there as well though. Even without that though the growth would have been nearly 13% & the good thing about the ‘basic’interest option is that once you’ve built a worthwhile amount of interest up you can withdraw it any time you want.

They also refund your bank wire transfer fees which is a nice touch.

Felmina Review

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First full week with Felmina Alliance and its all run exactly as described. My initial deposit has grown by 10.55% in 6 days – from $800 to $884.41. I receive an email at 11.08pm UK time every night confirming the interest payment. Further reports appearing on their Facebook page confirming some members have reached the end of the 180 period and have received the funds into their bank accounts. All very encouraging so far but how do Felmina do it? Well looks like someone has asked that direct question to them because the Felmina Facebook page has an answer from Felmina themselves;

Click for the website which expands on and explains more clearly how things work 

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There is no risk at all. We buy and sell financial instruments (e.g. stocks, futures, derivatives, currencies)
within the same trading day such that all positions will usually be closed before the market close of the trading day.
Depending on trading strategy, it may range from several to hundreds
of orders a day. By doing so we avoid the risk -
Inflation risk — the risk that the return on the investment is below inflation, and thus you are actually losing purchasing power.
Reinvestment risk — The risk that periodic cash flows (such as interest or dividend payments) will have to be reinvested at a lower rate than is currently available.
Market risk — the risk that the investment’s market value declines.
Currency risk — for foreign investments, the risk that changes in foreign exchange rates decrease your return.
Liquidity risk — the risk that the market is not liquid enough to allow you to cash out an investment.
We are not dealing with Options. Why? Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors.

We have insurance in place for each Felmina Alliance account. Funds are available to meet customer
claims up to a ceiling of $500,000, including a maximum of $250,000 for cash claims.
(Explanatory brochure available upon request or at www.sipc.org/How/Brochure.aspx )
Therefore, all of our funds insured and if we have any difficulties, our lawyers can fill out a claim under
the Securities Investor Protection Act and protect our investmentportfolio in this event.

Certificates of Deposits are available to every customer who has deposited $500.00 or more(Only the deposited funds count, compounded interest is not included).

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Just wanted to put up a reminder about the Forex 121 offer of being able to access the FX Education Course which normally costs member £497 for just £19. You then have the option to sign up for the signal service which needs to generate 121 pips or a 2% gain in the month for the monthly fee of £121 to kick in. Having taken the course I can highly recommend it – even if you choose not to get involved with the signal service at the end of the course you will be a better trader and armed with proven strategies you can trade yourself. Definitely worth a look whatever you’re trading experience.

Click here for more details
Discount code is CP934t

Forex 121 review

Honest Forex Signals Update

Slight improvement in results for Honest Forex Signals over the last week and a half. Over that period they’re 40 pips up with a record of 5 wins and 2 losers – take profit is +40 pips and the stop loss is -80pips.

I believe they’re doing an offer of the first month for $99 at the moment.

RunningTotal -185 pips

More details about the service here

Felmina Alliance Update

Brief update on my Felmina Alliance account – 4 days interest received, email sent each evening confirming payment. Screenshot of activity attached below. Cant say i’m 100% sure on how the permuatations work when it comes to the ‘Enhanced’ & ‘Basic’ with the different options on the length of time you commit to and the choice of compounding levels but the Facebook page is a really good community with very friendly and helpful members. The default option is ‘basic’ which is where my funds are now but you can choose to move to the ‘enhanced’ – the only thing to remember is doing that will mean you start another 180 day period.

Looking good though and has a calm, solid feel to it so i think whichever option we choose it should be all good.

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felmina alliance review

Not much improvement last week for Honest Forex Signals – 4 trades 2 losers and 2 winners. unfortunately the 2 losers were for 80 pips each and the winners were 15 & 40 pips respectively.
Total -225 pips

More details about the service here

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