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Mathematician Betting Update

Dont suppose its an update as such but just an observation that the service continues to be profitable for its subscribers. i know from personal experience that quite a few visitors are renewing with the service month on month which i suppose is all you need to know. just thought it was worth mentioning and i’ve attached monday, tuesday and wednesdays summary section of the daily emails to give non-subscribers an idea of the knowledge level that Guy brings to the service.

highly recommended service for both education and profit
More details here

W e d n e s d a y ‘s S u m m a r y

Turned into a really top quality confidence boosting
message yesterday. I didn’t have enough time to pick
a bet but I might not have done one anyway. From 3
options we had 2 good winners. CONE DONKEY got
us off to a good start and delighted to get the negative
beaten. BRASINGAMAN ESPEE won at 8/1 and that
was a fascinating bit of analysis that could easily have
gone wrong. It insured the message was excellent and
the loser on Chosen One didn’t detract much from it
especially as there were several other winners as well.
No complaints at all yesterday and it was good work.

T u e s d a y ‘s S u m m a r y

Short message yesterday with a busy period taking it’s toll
and I ended up with just two previews. I was trying to be a
bit too clever in the seller but FLEET DAWN did win the
Novice Hurdle and at a surprisingly generous 9/4. That did
enough to make it a reasonable message albeit a short one.

M o n d a y ‘s S u m m a r y

Much better yesterday with a stronger overall message.
It started with the first 3 bets winning at decent prices.
That happens a lot and when it does you tend to think
when the main bet comes around it will fail because so
many others have won. The first part of yesterda’s bet
did fail as No Larking ran 5th but NEZAMI won easily
at 8/1 and took the bet into profit. I had to convince
myself to go with him. I was aware it was very soft at
Newcastle and he is by Elnadim and his softer ground
form is very patchy. Also aware in the morning there
was no horse that was weaker in the betting. No idea
if that was down to doubts about the ground or not or
whether he wasn’t particularly fancied but it caused a
few mind games. I knew I had the right race for a bet
but I was very tempted by Rapid Waters instead but I
was just put off by the low average official ratings of
that horse and stayed with the winner. Good day and
it was about time. Not easy at the moment. There is
a daily dilemma about what to go with. So many bets
are rejected as so many others are on them and prices
have gone. Others are rejected when they drift badly
and there is no obvious reason for that. Luck plays a
huge factor at times and yesterday it smiled on us.

Felmina Update

Quick update on Felmina – the Facebook page mentions that they have now been de-classified as a HYIP High Yield Investment Programme and now reclassified as a straightforward IP Investment Programme. It may not seem like a big deal but it does seem to show that there is more prospect of longevity with Felmina as theres is a business actively generating money from investments rather than relying on the constant influx of new funds. This is definitely positive news about the company.

Also good to see someone on there confirming a substantial withdrawl reached their bank account a few weeks after their initial deposit. As for me I need to go into my bank tomorrow to organise the bank wire so should hopefully be invested by early next week. Think theres a conference call tonight open to all prospective & existing clientsbut its 2am London time unfortunately.

Click for the website which expands on and explains more clearly how things work 

Click for Felminas Facebook Page

Glad to be doing this update on Forex 121, seems to have been a long time coming. Think they wanted to make sure there were no more false starts and in its first full month of the relaunch service has seen a 1% growth in the bank .

Just to confirm again as previously mentioned on here the service is offering a ‘performance-related’ fee structure where you pay ONLY if the service gains either 121 pips or a 2% gain on the bank. (presumably means this month is free unless theres a big gain early next week).

The main stumbling block as I see it is the £497 ‘Education’ fee which is payable for an extensive Forex Trading course including the teaching of the methods Dan uses to produce his signals.

Having taken the course last year I can say its definitely value for money if you’re able to trade full time at home – not everybody is which is where the alert services comes in. Dans agreed that I can offer the education and trading course for just £19 via the link on this site using code CP934t – you can then join the ‘performance-related part of the service where you just pay when the profit target of 121 pips or 2% is reached.

In addition they are going to offer subscribers from this blog free, live trader training. Apparently this will take two forms. One course on the absolute basics (what is a pip, what is trading, that sort of level) and the other will be on trading strategies and market analysis. They will be running two of these sessions each week, in the evening and a lunchtime. This will be the same live training that they will be giving to their own clients.

This does seem a great deal from a company which on one day last year made me 600 pips. After a couple of months with them I did describe Forex121 as the best forex service I’d come across and this offer gives us the chance to get some forex training from a genuine, experienced professional before deciding on joining the performance-related service.

Click here for more details
Discount code is CP934t

Investing With Felmina Alliance

Last few days with Just Been Paid/Profit Clicking have been interesting and I’m still confident they intend to be around for a reasonable amount of time .

It did make me think that it might be adviseable to spread the risk a little bit and have a look at other potential programmes with similar returns.  I was told about Felmina Alliance a few months ago but didn’t feel able to focus on getting that off the ground as well as JBP.

I’ve done some research and found a lot of positive stuff about this programme but the thing that convinced me that I should invest a bit with them was the Facebook page.  Compared to the JBP page the whole attitude of everyone involved is positive and confident. Theres no squealing about missing payments, not being told about the change of website or wating 30 days for a response to a customer services ticket.  Everyone seems calm, happy to be involved and, more importantly is getting paid on time every time.

Felmina seems to have been in existence since 1997 when it was an offline only, invitation only Investment Programme. Its only in the last few years that its set itself up online and now offers the chance for anyone to invest with as little as $20.

There are some major differences when, again, compared to JBP – your funds are locked into the programmed for 180 days but you have 2 choices when it comes to your interest payments (between 1-2% daily  depending on your investment level). You can either go for the option where you can withdraw the interest whenever you want or go for the enhanced  compounding option which pays more interest but means you cant withdraw until the end of the agreed period.   The major difference for me though is that at the end of the period your initial investment is returned to you whereas JBP turns part of your investment into Matrix positions and the rest just evaporates.

Deposit and withdrawls appear to be more straightforward as well – all the e-currency options are available Liberty Reserve, Ego Pay etc but I’m to go the Bank Wire route which will take the funds directly into my account with Felmina without the need to go through currency exhangers.   Still fees involved obviously but as i mention below these are refunded in some cases.

Although its possible to make a little bit of extra investment money from introducing others to the programme it seems to be mainly focussed on  the actual investing itself, so doesn’t appear to be as reliant on the constant introduction of new investors to keep it going.  Another nice touch is that they refund the costs incurred in doing any bank wire transfers over $500.

So I’m going to organise the bank transfer over the next few days and then see where we go – JBP/Profit Clicking going through a major transitional change so unfair to compare the two at the moment  but definitely happy to split my investing between them.

Click for the website which expands on and explains more clearly how things work 

Click for Felminas Facebook Page

Felmina Alliance Review

Not the best of starts for this service with 2 losers of 80 pips and a 40 pip winner today leaving it 120 pips down on the week.

Total -120 pips

More details about the service here

Everythings been transferred over to Profit Clicking from Just Been Paid which is good news – the sites not fully functioning though but i’m pretty sure they’re working on that at the moment. As i said yesterday I take this as a positive sign – the site looks great and, once everythings working properly, will be a great asset to the business going forward.

Check out the new website here

Just gone to log into my Just Been Paid account only to arrive at a brand spanking new website under the new name of Profit Clicking.  Have to say its very impressive when compared to the previous version and would indicate that they plan to be around for some time which is all we need really.   They’re in the process of migrating all the figures over to the new site which is my only point of concern really but once thats done i think it looks very positive moving forward.

Check out the new website here

Thanks to Gary, one of the viewers of the blogs, for making me aware of Honest Forex Signals. Hadnt heard of the service before but they’ve been around since January 2011 and, according to their site records, have made about 18,000 pips since then. These claims are supported with account statements and, more recently, a MyFXBook page which is located here.  Please bear in mind that this only shows the gbp/usd trades.

Website claims and sales pages are one thing but some independent reviews are usually another thing altogether so i had a look at the reviews on the Peace Army website and, to be honest, the reviews on there are about as good as i’ve seen for any service i’ve looked at.  Have a look here.

Just a few words about what the service entails – its a ‘trade copier’ which, for those of you who dont know, means that the trades made by the service provider/professional trader, are instantly replicated in your MT4 account without any input on your part. Apart from the apparent quality of the trading made on your behalf it seems that the customer service is outstanding too – of the 3 guys involved Robbie is the trade and Tony & Mike deal with the sales/admin side of the business.

This may go some way to explain why response times of an hour in business hours are standard – i tried it last night and had 2 replies in about 30 mins. The installation of the trade copier software is pretty straightforward but they also offer to install it for you via ‘co-browsing’ software which allows them to access your MT4 chart software.

So it all sounds good – $177 per month but i  think they also offer a low cost trial for a week – hopefully should be set up to start trading with them early next week.

More details here


Even though i’ve gone through pretty much all the available bookmakers to take advantage of the ‘bonus bagging’ guaranteed profit offers, Mike still provides new opportunities to make money. This is a great time to start with this service – the start of the new Premier League season sees all the online bookies falling over themselves to offer new customer sign up bonuses as well as offers for existing customers.

If you’re new to the idea of ‘bonus bagging’ dont worry because the service tells you exactly what you need to do – you dont need to understand it, just follow the instructions Mike provides to the letter and you’ll be picking up guaranteed, locked in profits on a weekly or even daily basis.

There is also an option to take a weeks trial for £1 – think you have to exit the screen from the link below & the offer pops up.

Highest possible reccommendation –  Details here

Mathematician Betting Update

No update on this service for too long and thats no reflection on the service but rather a reflection on me. As previously stated this is a highly professional (the most professional i’ve ever seen) horse racing service which can be used at whatever level you choose.

You can take all the bets on the message which can be a lot of bets but now & again will provide a massive return – ie last week the overall return was about 50/1 – or you can just take the bets & the mentions. Guy reccomends taking this option initially as this will create a steady growth in your bank & give you confidence in the service.

The service is a real pleasure to be part of just because you can appreciate the effort and level of expertise required to produce the daily email you receive.

Highly recommended

More details on the service here

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