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A service which i didnt think could get any better (said that a few times) now includes the free Mobile Bet offers from online bookmakers. This basically means that as well as all the bets which take advantage of the online bookmakers offers for new accounts the service will now also include the additional offers available for opening mobile accounts.

So if you’ve already got the service and gone through all the bookmakers you can now get the same offers for opening mobile accounts as well.

There is also an option to take a weeks trial for £1 – think you have to exit the screen from the link below & the offer pops up.

Highest possible reccommendation –  Details here

Was away last week so have been kept up to date by the author of this sytem. Going really well – great customer service as well from Joe and also covered by the 60 Clickbank return policy so totally risk free.

11th july eu -7 gu +9
12th july eu +26 gu +6
13th july eu +10 gu +16

+60 pips

16h jul eu +32 gu +14
17th jul eu +32 gu +9
18th jul eu +25 gu -8
19th jul eu +30 gu +17

+151 pips

Todays pips +211 pips
Running Total +677

More details here

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Bull Pips Update 11th July

Out of the last 7 trading days we’ve had 3 losing an 4 winning days leaving us + 94 pips ahead over the period. Still going really well with this trial.

2nd July -71
3rd July +43
4th July +56
5th July +44
6th July +68

9th July -24
10th July -22

Todays pips +94
Running Total +466

More details here

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Used to subscribe to to Betting Pros a couple years ago but did the usual of stopping after a couple of losing months. Been contacted by someone who has used the service for about 3 years and has made varying levels of profit each year.

The last 12 months have made 94% for subscribers and they are currently offering all selections until August 2013, next year, for just £39.99. Brilliant value for money -  details here

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