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Update on Longshot King

Longshot King Review

Quick update on the Longshot King service – another good day with a gain of around 19pts to take my profit so far for December to +63 pts. Another outstanding month with a couple of days left – highly recommend you give this service a try.

If you want to have a look at the stats and the video click here

Bank +142pts

Longshot King Review

5% gain in December for Money Text

After a small loss of 3pts in November Money Text has come back strongly in December and currently stands at 37pts in profit. This represents a 5% gain in subscribers banks but is still disappinting as far as the operator of the service Arik is concerned!

I’m sure we’d all be happy with growth of 5% per month but Arik isnt and says he’s determined 2012 will get back to the 15% monthly growth average he’s provided previously.

The service couldnt be any simpler – receive trade details by text, place trade and forget about it. The only rare exception to that is if the trade hits the entry point but doesnt hit either the stop loss or profit target – you will then get another text instructing you to close the trade.

If this is the straightforward kind of Forex Signal Service you’re looking for then I do highly recommend Money Text – i’ve tried plenty over the past few years and this is by far & away the best.

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Longshot King Update

The Longshot King finished 32pts down in November but has come back strongly in December and, for me, is currently 44 pts up for the month! Just want to emphasise that, 44 points up for December alone.

There was something earlier in the month which made me even more confident about the integrity and customer focus that this service has. A 12/1 winner was paid out by the majority of , but not all, bookmakers so the result was recorded as a loss. At the time this result would have taken the service from negative to positive so the temptation must have been to go with the vast majority result but they didnt. As usual since then the service has had some nice winners which have got them well into profit. My results record the result as a win.

If you want to have a look at the stats and the video click here

Bank +123pts

The eur/chf came back to hit the stop loss last Friday to give another 20 pips to the account. Total for November was around +310 pips for me – other subscribers did a lot better though. These are people who dont just wait for the signals to be sent out – they actually use the strategies to also pick trades themselves and the most successful trader in the month made 1000 pips+.

Thats not ideal for everyone but it does show the strength of the strategies and the service itself.

Total +469 pips

More info here

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