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Another Longshot King Update

Dont know if any of you joined Longshot King today on the strength of the update – i hope some of you did because it seems they had another winner which was trading at 25/1 at one stage. Not everyone got that apparently but assuming just a 10 point gain on the day puts this service at nearly 70 pts up for the month.

Heres the email Richards just sent out

Hi Paul,

Well today did not go to plan in the betting stakes as after i sent out todays selections I had to get my kids to school, this was swiftly followed by a request from a friend for some help with business planning and 2 hours after sending out selections i finally managed to getting my own bets on only to see SUMMERINTHECITY trading at 12/1…….. Ouch.

Anyway I do not like to falsify results so would just like to check what price you were able to get on our nice winner today. I’ll then take the average price and use that for my monthly update. I was on skype with a few members today and they got the advised price of 25/1

I have news today that the replacement racehorse has been purchased therefore I am making the draw on Saturday for the winner of the share in the horse…….stay tuned.

Please let me know the price you got on our winner today



Bonus Bagging Update

Still chipping away now & again with Bonus Bagging – had 2 more guaranteed win bets from Mike since the last update for £38 & £34. Also using the ‘arbitrage’ software now and again for an hour or so with pretty steady success. Not going to make you a fortune but good to make a quick £20. Its actually pretty good fun and feels more like a game than trading or gambling.

Just to confirm you have to subscribe to Bonus Bagging first (which is probably the best service there is anyway) for just a one off £27 and then its £10 per month for the use of the arbitrage software. Both services have got to be just about the best value on the market and the beauty of them both is that you can dip in and ut when you want and work them around a full time job.

When i get to about £1000 i’ll probably leave the bonus bagging but will defintely carry on with the arbitrage trading.

Profit £644.86

Details here

Longshot King Update

Longshot King is again proving itself a great service this month. September was another winning month and after a 20/1 winner yesterday the service is +57 pts up this month. The recorded stats show a few losing mnths this year but overall the service is about +350 pts up.

If you want to have a look at the stats and the video click here

Bank +96pts

Forex121 Update

2 more losers with Forex 121 for a total of 150 pips. Not good for October so far but there are a few charts with good looking set ups so every chance the service could finish the month strongly.

Total +180 pips

More info here

Forex 121 Finished September with 715 pips

Just quick recap on September for Forex121 – they finished with +715 pips and didnt have a losing trade. Difficult trading month for the vast majority of traders in the markets and break even was seen as a good month so an outstanding achievement really.

Had a loser last week though on Silver, first one for about 6 weeks so hopefully we’ll go on another long run.

Total +330 pips

More info here

Another Great Month for Money text

Well another excellent month with moneytexts – a gain of 117 pips for September which represents 16% growth on the month 2.65% compounding. If it’s not careful it’s going to turn into the signal service I’ve been looking for for years. That’s 3 good months on the run which is probably enough to remove even my jaded cynicism that the claimed previous results on the site are genuine.

So basically this service is a max of 1 text received around 9.15 every day (potentially 2 but hasn’t been yet) which gives you the entry level, profit target , stop loss & time limit & that’s it. You just leave it to do whatever it does, no management of the trade at all.

Have to say this now goes into the highly recommended pile. You get a free trial as well so definitely worth a go

30 Day Free Trial & Full Details Here

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