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Oil Trade +250 pips with Forex121

Well another great trade in the making with Forex121 after Ben gave a sell order on the evening session – its currently +250 pips and Bens talking about the possibility of holding it for a 1000 pip trade. Unfortunately my default take profit was set to 100 pips so i’m out already but I cant complain at being +400 pips for the mnth so far.

Total +430 pips

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Bonus Bagging Update

Just a quick word about how the Bonus Bagging service has developed since the last update.

Mike has launched a forum where members can alert each other to the latest bookies offers over and above the bets that he gives out.

He’s also now launched some ‘arbitrage’ software which basically constantly checks prices on Betfair and online bookmakers to find opportunites to bet on all possible results in Tennis, Horse Racing or Football & still make a profit. This is only available to existing members for an extra £10 per month which to be honest is an absolute bargain – but obviously you have to join the bonus bagging service to qualify for it.

I’ve used the software and although theres no doubt that you have to be on the ball with the bet placing to make sure you get the prices you need for the profit ,there are around 20 opportunities an hour reported by the software so if the price has changed you just move on.

He’s also just given away another arbitrage strategy to members this evening so a service that was already outstanding has become pretty much essential to make some relatively easy, risk free money.

Profit £572.43

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Forex 121 Membership

I’d be really grateful if anyone who’s joined Dans Forex121 or Dandroid service since the beginning of July could let me know. Dan just needs to check his figures against mine.

If you could email me at paul15563@hotmail.com that would be great. Thanks again

Total +330 pips

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5% gain on the week for Money Text

Another great week for the Money Text service – a gain of 5% for the week alone. Carrying on from where it left off in August. As i’ve said before a really low maintenance signal service which i’ll be using with real money next month if it continues to maintain its current form.

30 Day Free Trial & Full Details Here

Really good day today for the Forex121 service – there was trade from Ben from the evening room on Nzd/Usd and 2 trades from Dan today on the Dow Jones and Aud/Usd. All 3 trades were 100 pip winners – could have been more but Dan closed his trades as he was travelling to London to meet the members for a drink. Couldnt make it myself but theres a get together at Christmas as well which i’ll get to.

Total +330 pips

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Money Text Update

Think this service is an example of why you shouldnt jump to conclusions too quickly. The service made some bold claims on the site with some great looking results which makes you sceptical straightaway & when the first few weeks were poor i suppose i was patting myself on the back for being right.

Since then though they’ve gained around 40 pips in July and have just finished August with 119 pips which Arik says it getting ‘back to business as usual’. Just to confirm this is about as low maintenance & simple as it gets – you get a text with the stop loss & take profit details and a time the trades valid til, you place it & then leave it. No management – it either wins or loses & Moneytexts cases wins more than it loses.

30 Day Free Trial & Full Details Here

Total +136 pips

Quiet end to the week for Forex121

No further trades triggered with Forex121 which wasnt a massive surprise with NFP announcement on Friday. Another good week though with 110 pips gained and anything between 700-1000 pips for the month following Ben & Dans trades.

The ‘Dandroid’ trade copier service goes live on Monday so should be interesting month ahead. I know there was pretty much a full take up of the service from the existing Forex121 members but if you’re interested in what is basically a full time,professional trader trading your account for free unless 200 pips+ are gained in the month then contact Dan on the link below.

I know he’s going to be opening it up to more subscribers in the coming months anyway so it may well be worth putting your name down on a waiting list whilst seeing how it goes for this month.

Current bank +80 pips

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