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+110 pips on the day for Forex121

The eur/aud sell trade from the evening live room with Ben from last night closed tonight for a 170 pip gain whilst there was a Silver buy trade which looked a perfect set up but unfortunately didnt pan out & was closed for a 60 pip loss.

The month of August has worked out really well for Forex121 with there being between 700-1000 pips gain. I didnt take Bens Gold trades and closed out the earlier Silver trade too early so wasnt quite as kind to me. The main thing is the service has again shown its strength and, having learnt my lesson, will be following all trades to the letter with no exceptions. Apart from obviously being more profitable its just easier.

Current bank +80 pips

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Nice start to the week for Forex121

Must admit last nights trade did catch me a bit unawares with there being no morning room with Forex121 I totally forgot about the evening room with Ben. Fortunately you also get a text from Ben to confirm any orders placed so I was able to get on.

The trade is currently 100+ pips to the good so tempted to move stop to b/e but no instructions to do so at the moment so will leave where it is.

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300+ pips winner for Forex 121

The silver trade i missed out on closed yesterday for about 300 pips – so looking like another great month overall for this service. The Gold trades from the evening room with Ben have gained about 700 pips so what is usually a difficult month for traders with the main players on holiday is looking like its going to be the 3rd month running that its shown a great profit. Unfortunately for me i didnt take the evening trades and made a mistake with the silver trade.

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Good week for Forex 121

Nice week for Forex121 although i’ve been guilty of closing a trade too early again. I took 50 pips from a longer term Cable trade earlier in the week after moving my stop up to +50 when it went to about +90 which worked out well for me because it reversed & Dan took a 10 pips loss – however i closed a Silver trade down at +45 when i moved the stop up further than Dans instructions and the trade is now @ +200 with him talking about it testing $50 & 900 pip gains. Problem was it was flat as a pancake yesterday whilst Gold was making big gains so just got impatient & tried to lock a bit of profit in.

Good week though because Ben gave a couple of orders out in the evening live room only 1 of which got kicked in, a Gold trade, which returned about 500 pips.

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2 more big winners for Longshot King

Few blank days with Longshot King but 4/1 & 20/1 winnes today take the points total so far for August back up to an impressive 31 pts.

If you want to have a look at the stats and the video click here

Bank +31pts

FX121 Update

Been quiet again for the longer term trades with Dan reluctant t get involved with the markets the way they are on the higher time frame charts. On the other hand there have been a good number of trades on the short term DPX trades which is what the ‘Dandroid’ trade copier service will be based on. Listed a few of the emails Dans had re todays trades.

Have to say looking forward to the Dandroid service launching early September from what i’ve seen of the trades taken by the guys in the room and Dans reports. Will be a nice balance between the longer term FX121 trades (when the set ups return) & the short term trade copier.

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Just took

62.1 pips on eur/chf
37.9 pips on usd/chf
56.1 pips on gbp/chf


yep -in and out -about 100 pips each on gbp/chf and euro/chf and the us/chf just 15 pips. At the same time I was watch my long gold (still holding) and I had silver for 20 pips – not sure if my heart can take all the excietment…

One of my best days to date.

Thanks for your help!


Managed 105 pips on combination of euro/chf and gbp/chf (getting out at previous week high), still in usd/chf with stop below daily 20 just to see what happens over next hour or so so thx (hoping penny dropped on dpx).

Forex 121 Review

Just been emailed by Sporting Index about their opening offer which has apparently been going since July although this is the first i’ve heard about it.

Basically you just open an account and they deposit £100 in for you to use – no deposit required, simple as that. Thats one of the best offers i’ve seen from bookmakers because theres usually some kind of deposit requirement but nothing like that here. This is the perfect opportunity to kick start your bank using the Bonus Bagging system – free money to use for risk free betting, doesnt get any better than that. Great offer even if you dont use it for the risk free betting.

Profit £572.43

Details here

2 more winners for Betting Tips UK

Another solid day for Betting Tips UK – 2 out of 2 winners to continue their good progress in August. Just less then 6 pts up for the month and on course for the 20pts target for the month.

Profit +£213.74 (@ £10 per point)

If you want to try it out free for yourself sign up here

More winners for Betting Tips UK

Another couple of good days for Betting Tips UK with a further 6pts gained. The guys there were a bit frustrated as they felt it should have been more which i suppose is a good sign

Profit +£193.48 (@ £10 per point)

If you want to try it out free for yourself sign up here

£70 opportunity with Bonus Bagging

New football season has given rise to more bookmakers competing for business by offering risk-free opening offers. The new one provided by Bonus Bagging is potentially for £70.

Going to set myself a target of reaching £1000 in the next month or so using this service. As usual highly recommend added this to your portfolio – the only genuine risk free betting you’ll ever do.

Profit £572.43

Details here

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