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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Just wanted to say thanks for all the contributions, ideas and suggestions from viewers of the blog and heres to a safe, healthy and prosperous 2011 for all of us.

Update on Forex Morning Trade

Stopped trading Forex Morning Trade for the year at the end of last week. Proved to be a difficult week with 2 losers on standard FMT and a loser on Turbo MT. Still a good performance from the standard FMT and hopefully with continue making pips when the market settles down in the new year.

Standard Forex Morning Trade Profit +200 pips
Turbo Morning Trade Profit -40 pips

More details here.

Forex Morning Trade review

Paul is feeling a bit under the weather today so, at its so close to Christmas as well, its been decided that there will no trading for the Club.

I have to say its been a pretty impressive start so far for this service and i’m looking forward to it getting going properly in the New Year.

If you want to get on the free introductory webinar for potential new members, theres one on Sunday the 2nd January. Sign up is here and then click on ‘Join Webinar’ button

Immediate sign up for service is here

Day 8 with Trading Elite Club

The traders following trades to the letter were around 5 pips down today whilst the scalpers were around 30 pips up.

Just another reminder that Paul is again an introductory webinar for potential new members – this one is on Sunday the 2nd January. Sign up is here and then click on ‘Join Webinar’ button.
Immediate sign up for service is here

Following Pauls signals to the letter today would have gained you around 70 pips and scalping would have got you around 30 so opposite way round to yesterdays results. Again an impressive day at a difficult time of the year.

Just another reminder that Paul is again an introductory webinar for potential new members – this one is on Sunday the 2nd January. Sign up is here and then click on ‘Join Webinar’ button.

Immediate sign up for service is here

Just wanted to do a quick review of 2010 for the Black Dog Forex system. Looking back to the first post of the year which showed a running total of 453 pips i was only looking at 2 pairs and using a slightly different method.

Its evolved over the last 12 months to something i’m happy & comfortable with and the total is now standing at 4350 pips (although we are now looking at 8 pairs). For the coming year i’m going to continue with the strategy as it is on the 15 min time frame plus focus as well on the 4hr time frame which will hopefully allow people in 9-5 jobs to see the possibility of trading Black Dog around their work commitments.

Black Dog is still the most profitable, proven & consistent Forex trading method i’ve found and i’m confident it will continue to produce the pips for 2011.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Nice to report another good day for the Trading Elite Club. Following all the trades as per Pauls standard method produced around 30 pips and scalping 10 pips per trade produced a very nice 70 pips.

Up until 3pm there was only a 50 pip range so it was a pretty impressive performance for a strategy that aims to catch decent moves in the market. The rest of the week should be interesting as most traders will have now finished for Christmas.

They are also now offering an introductory webinar for potential new members on 2nd January. Sign up is here

Full sign up here

Well thats the first week of Trading Elite Club over and to say its been interesting is a bit of an understatement. The first 2 days were very good with maximum of 100 pips on monday and the same on tuesday although the likelihood of many people achieving the maximum is pretty remote. No doubt about the fact that subscribers were making a lot of pips either by scalping 10 pips or sticking with the strategy ‘as is’.

Wednesday & Thursday were a different story and whilst there was a claim by somebody that they were 200 pips down I think 100 was about average. Again the scalpers did ok as they did again on Thursday whilst the standard method lost heavily taking the overall back to about break even.

Friday was a much better day for both followers of the standard strategy or scalping and around 100 pips was gained with the standard system followers. Its being claimed elsewhere that 200 pips were made on the week but I think its closer to 100 although the people who scalped all week would have made much more than that.

Obviously you cant make a judgement after a week on the long term quality of the service although it has definitely shown its potential in a difficult period for trading, but you can make a judgement on the person running it. Paul puts 100% into what he’s doing and he could probably be criticised for listening to his members too much in his desire to do whats best for them. I feel he’s trying to do too much in trading 11 hours plus answering as many queries as he can on the chat facility.

The customer services isnt perfect – i’ve sent 2 emails which havent been answered & I know other people have experienced the same – but I think thats down to an overwhelming response to the service rather than any long term issues.

So the bottom line is would I recommend the service after the experiences of the first week and to be fair i’d have to say yes – teething problems dog the launch of pretty much every kind of service and if you add that to the time of year Pauls launched the service to be ahead 100 pips after the first week is a great result. Paul is continuing to run the trading room next week as much as a training room as anything else but come January I think the service will go from strength to strength and I’m looking forward to it.

Full details are here

Tading Elite Club Day 3

A remarkable day in the Trading Elite Club trading room for the wrong reasons today unfortunately. The good news is that if you had decided to ‘scalp’ the signals as quite a few people did when it was clear the market was going to be extremely range bound you would have been in profit for day – (assuming you’d tightened up your stops accordingly). The bad news is that if you’d stuck to Pauls actual signals ie the signals that have produced the results on his performance page you would have been anything up to 200 pips down.

Dont think many people got to that stage to be honest. I did switch to scalping pretty early but ended about 25 pips down because i left my stops at the standard 30 pips. Paul pulled the plug at 2.30 and I’m pretty sure there were some pips missed after that but it was the right decision at the time. Not much consolation for the people using real money but Paul did handle the situation well considering the amount of stuff he has to deal with single handedly. He needs to get the communication sorted out which he is aware of and i’m sure from January this service will be going in the right direction. Paul is going to continue to give the signals ‘unofficially’ for the rest of the week and is tagging an extra week on members subscriptions in January which seems far enough. Should be an interesting day tomorrow.

Full details are here

Didnt trade last 3 days of last week due to various commitments and this week i’ve been in the Trading Elite Club trading room for the past few days. I’ve gone back through the signals given by Black Dog off the charts and listed them below. Nice few days for the run up to Christmas with 164 pips gained overall – great day monday with +118, -14 for Tuesday and +60 today.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 4350 pips

13th dec
8.45 +20

07.00 +20
12.00 -14
14.30 +20

11.45 +20

11.15 +20
15.15 -14

08.30 +20

13.00 +20

7.45 -14
13.15 +20

14th dec

12.15 -14

15th dec
09.45 +20

14.15 +20
17.30 +20

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