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Another busy day with Black Dog – 8 trades with 5 winners and 3 losers for another 32 pips. Really good week for the system.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3807 pips

16.45 +20

7.00 -20
8.15 +20
11.45 -20

8.30 +20

7.45 +20

14.30 -11
17.30 +3

Master Plan Update

Been a difficult few days for the Master Plan system but now on the road to recovery – dropped about 2% from the last update so hopefully should fully recover over the next few days.

£1 10 day trial available here

Bank £412.32

No trade triggered today with FMT so we move onto Monday.

More details here.

Forex Morning Trade Review

Betting Pros Update

After a bit of a disastrous start to the month Betting Pros has come back very well – at one point it was about 550 points down for the month but is now down around 170 points with a few days to go. Still going to be tough to avoid the 2nd losing month in a row but i’m sure over the course of a season this will produce a healthy profit as it did last year.

Please click here for the full list of results and more info

+38 points

08-10-10 – (Austria) 3 – 0 Azerbaijan – Bet 100points – won 30points
12-10-10 – (England) 0 – 0 Montenegro – Bet 200points – lost 200points
16-10-10 – (Man United) 2 – 2 West Brom – Bet 150points – lost 150points
16-10-10 – (AC Milan) 3 – 1 Chievo – Bet 85points – won 43points
20-10-10 – (Man United) 1 – 0 Bursaspor – Bet 150points – won 42points
20-10-10 – (Barcelona) 2 – 0 Copenhagen – Bet 250points – won 37points
23-10-10 – (Chelsea) 2 – 0 Wolves – Bet 250points – won 35points
23-10-10 – (Real Madrid) 6 – 1 Santander – Bet 250points – won 37points
24-10-10 – (AZ Alkmaar) 3 – 0 Willem II – Bet 150points – won 34points
24-10-10 – (Anderlecht) 2 – 0 Westerlo – Bet 140points – won 42points
25-10-10 – (FC Porto) 5 – 1 Uniao Leiria – Bet 200points – won 36points
27-10-10 – (Ajax) 3 – 1 Heerenveen – Bet 150points – won 40points

A record day for me with Black Dog today – 126 pips altogether and could have been more if i placed trades on more than 1 currency at a time. the 7.15am candle for example provided valid signals on 4 pairs with 3 winners and a loser.

8 trades altogether with 7 winners and a loser.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3775 pips

eur/usd chart



7.15 +20
9.45 +20

9.30 +20
14.15 +20
16.15 +20

13.15 -14

11.30 +20

12.15 +20

Encouraging start for the Forex Morning Trade EA even though it was a break even trade. The EA kicked in at the right time and at the right lot amount, it then went to 24 pips in profit at which point the stop loss was automatically moved up to break even level before the price reversed and went down to hit the original stop loss.

Good to see the EA exactly as it should and preventing a 40 pip loss. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

More details here.

Profit 0 pips

FMT trade 28/10/10

Good day again for Black Dog today – 4 trades with 3 winners and a loser. In hindsight the losing trade could probably have been avoided with the MACD pretty heavily overbought but hindsights a wonderful thing and i’m just trading the rules as is.

45 pips gain for the day so happy with that.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3775 pips

eur usd






Going to post up the results of a system and EA which i’ve been monitoring for a few weeks and have now bought. Marc Fric, the author, has been recording the results on the heavyweight trade2win forum since the 10th August.

The results recorded have been very good and back testing by a poster on that forum has shown an average 350 pips a month profit going back nearly 3 years. Prior to 2007 though the system would have actually lost money so i’m not sure what changed in the market after 2007 but its obviously benefitted this system.

The purchase of the system also gives you an EA which will trade for you and apparently this is now totally error free. Interestingly Marc uses Alpari Uk which is where i had issues with the 1minute daily EA so the issues may have been with that EA itself rather than the broker.

You can obviously trade manually if you wish following the indicator which appears at 6.30 am (7.30am from next weekend) but i’d prefer to let the EA do the work. The standard setting is for the EA to move the stop loss to break even at 24 pips profit and the standard target is 40 pips profit with a 40 pip stop loss.

The question is will it fair any better than 1minute daily which, to be fair, is still well ahead of its starting balance but had such a big drawdown i felt i should be looking for something a bit steadier. Previous results would seem to indicate Forex Morning Trade falls into that category so we’ll see.

More details here.

Service-wise i appoached Marc as a potential buyer rather than someone offering to review his product on a blog and he has been extremely helpful. The EA and indicator are straightforward to set up anyway but he does seem to want to make sure you know what you’re doing.

Better day today for Black Dog Forex as the markets formed some good trends on a few markets. 6 trades altogether – 4 winners and 2 losers for a gain of 45 pips.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3730 pips

usd/cad trade


aud/usd trade


17.15 -15

12.35 -20

12.00 +20

12.15 +20

11.45 +20

15.45 +20

Its been a mixed few days with Black Dog Forex with 3 of the 4 days being losers but still coming out ahead overall by 14 pips. The markets have been very choppy and rangebound generally with today a case in point.

Apologies for shortened version of the results but hopefully get back to more detailed stuff from tomorrow.

Wednesday 20th -25
Thursday 21st +60
Friday 22nd -5
Monday 25th -16

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3685 pips

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