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Steady start for Master Plan

First day of the trial for Master Plan today & it was a ‘red day’. This basically means that, because of difficult racing conditions they suggested to not switch on 2 of the systems but you could go with the third which came in for us.

Initially we’ll be using a small bank of £375 to run the trial. Today saw a profit of 0.94p which is 0.25% which is in line with the expected daily return on a red day. Tomorrow is a green day so all systems will be going.

More info here

New system to review – Master Plan

A friend of mine has signed up for the free 9 day trial of this system with a view to becoming a full subscriber if it goes well. Master Plan is a collection of systems which run on bots to automatically place your bets leaving you to do whatever you need to during the day without any input.

There is a decision to make the evening before though as an email goes out to advise wether the bots should be run or not, depending on the quality of the following days racing.

These are the claims on the site;

The Master Plan is a joint venture collaberation between John Duncan of www.profitmagnets.com and Steve Penhallurick of www.probetsuk.com that came about through the rigid testing and re-testing of another product in the probetsUK stable. Often great ideas and great products come about when previously unrelated ideas or inventions suddenly combine. This was the case with The Master Plan.

It’s development came out of the quest to find a horse racing gambling system that could produce steady profit without risk. To develop a gambling product with no downside risk would be impossible you’d think because you can never completely take away the human element from the equation. People make mistakes, get frustrated, grow impatient and so on.

The Master Plan gets as close to ’no downside risk’ Valhalla as possible. It really is the safest thing you will ever see that can still be classified as gambling.

The Master Plan will make you question the long-held belief that no risk gambling is impossible outside of arbitrage opportunities.

I’ve seen this reviewed elsewhere with v.good feedback so we’ll see how the short trial goes and make a decision from there. Not cheap though at £99 per month but the claimed growth is around 17% so a bank of £1000 would have you making around £70 in your first month according to their figures. More info here

Black Dog has performed pretty well this week in difficult, range bound markets. Monday saw a loss of 27 pips in 2 trades, Tuesday was a good day with 3 trades all winners and Wednesday showed 28 pips profit with 3 winners and a 12 pip loser. Total of 61 pips profit on the week and 472 pips for the month with todays trading to go.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3347 pips

Update on Forex4Free

Mentioned this scheme back in May and got a bit of abuse from some people claiming it was ‘obviously’ a scam etc. so i just wanted to give an update. Basically everything has happend as promised so far – money paid into my account every 10 days or so since i joined in May.

If you look at the previous post about this it explains more about it – although they’re not using Liberty Reserve anymore and the levels required before trading on our behalf starts will be much lower so it should start quicker.

Do i think it will happen? – dont know but i’d rather be involved than not as its all free and costs no time.
Is it a scam? – not sure what the scam would be as it doesnt cost anything. If money is requested at any stage i’m gone.
Does it make sense? well the forum is full of information and there are some explanations on there as to why large investors would benefit from controlling a large number of smallers accounts.

Anyway just wanted to mention it again as whilst doing the blog i have tried to find stuff which basically is financially beneficial without being either too risky or requiring too much input & i think this falls into both those categories.

If you want to have a look yourself you can use my referral link here or if you’d prefer just go straight to the site here www.forex4free.biz

Update on LS Forex

Well not much of an update really – just to say that I got an email off a visitor to the blog a couple of weeks ago who told me that he was doing very well with LS Forex but unfortunately I managed to lose the email without following up on what kind of figures he meant by ‘very well’. If it was you could you please get in touch so i can put some general figures up here.

I will be doing a weekly update from now on as well so we’ll see if this low maintenance service can be a long term earner.

Still offering a free trial – click here for more info

26 pips for Black Dog on Friday – 7 trades with 4 winners and 3 losers.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3286 pips

10.30 +20
13.15 -20

11.15 -20

13.15 +20
17.15 -14

12.00 +20

13.45 +20

Another good day for Black Dog with a gain of 28 pips. 7 trades with 4 winners and 3 losers.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3286 pips

14.45 +20
16.00 -20

13.45 +20
15.30 -12

11.45 +20

12.00 +20
15.15 _29

Steady gains for Betting Pros

Betting Pros (sister service to Betting Pro Trades) continues to make steady growth – another 54 points since the last update. Nice uncomplicated service which has made a profit every month for the past 13.

The new seasons subscription is now available and will be just £45.99 for a full 12 months and this also includes the facility to have texts sent to your mobile when any new bets are advised.

Please click here for the full list of results and more info

Bank 200 pts

11-09-10 – (Arsenal) 4 – 1 Bolton – Bet 125points – won 33points
11-09-10 – (Real Madrid) 1 – 0 Osasuna – Bet 150points – won 30points
14-09-10 – (Man United) 0 – 0 – Rangers – Bet 150points – lost 150points
15-09-10 – (Arsenal) 6 – 0 Braga – Bet 100points – won 31points
18-09-10 – (Everton) 0 – 1 Newcastle – Bet 50points – lost 50points
19-09-10 – Kilmarnock 1 – 2 (Celtic) – Bet 50points – won 22points
19-09-10 – (Chelsea) 4 – 0 Blackpool – Bet 250points – won 30poin
19-09-10 – (Chelsea) 4 – 0 Blackpool (+2.5 gls) – Bet 100points – won 35points
19-09-10 – (Anderlecht) 3 – 0 Kotrijk – Bet 100points – won 36points
21-09-10 – (Real Madrid) 3 – 0 Espanyol – Bet 150points – won 28points
22-09-10 – (Barcelona) 1 – 0 Sporting Gijon – Bet 200points – won 15points

3 out 3 for Betting Pros

Another good night with Betting Pro Trades – 3 out 3. I was listening to Talksport yesterday afternoon and Paddy Power was on saying he thought Northampton were a good bet at Liverpool @ 14/1 – hindsights a wonderful thing.

West Brom v Man City lay the draw +£47.00
Wigan v Preston lay the draw +£23.50
England v Pakistan lay Pakistan +£23.50

Bank £1785.25 (starting bank £1000)

More info and full results here

Much better day today with Black Dog Forex – 80 pips gained from 4 trades, all winners.

You can get more details here Black Dog Trading System

Running total 3258 pips

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