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Winner for FX Crossover

There was a winner using the FX Crossover system today. The trade signal to enter @ 1.6520 on 30th July and reached the 1.6620 target this afternoon.

Entered 30/07/09 1.6520
Profit Limit Hit 31/07/09 1.6620 – 100 point gain

New Balance = £3049

Nice start for Forex Trades Live

Well we’ve got off to a good start blogging these trades. There was a winning trade yesterday on the 32 pip target but the other targets of 72 & 100 were still pending. The targets were reached today.

Unfortunately todays trades entry target wasnt reached before the 11am expiry or that would have been another winner.

Fingers crossed that this service carries on the way its started for me. If you want to subscribe to Forex Trades Live click here.

30th july
Trade: 1 30/07/09


Entry Price: BUY at 1.6513

Stop Loss: 62 pips (1.6461)

Target: 72 pip (1.6583)

Expiry Time: 15.30pm (BST)

1st Race of the day for Grey Horse Bot

1st race of the day for the bot today so nice and straightforward. Few more of those days and it’ll be back in the black.

Bank £236.68
Result £5.00
New bank £241.68

Click here to download the Grey Horse Bot

Click here for the settings for the bot

Losing Day for Grey Horse Bot

31/07/2009 by admin.

Results 30/07/09

Difficult day for the Grey Horse Bot – 4 losers (ie winners) which hit it quite hard. Hope it’ll claw this back over the next week or so.

Bank £270
Result -£33.32
New bank £236.68

Click here to download the Grey Horse Bot

Click here for the settings for the bot

Forex Trades Live

The new service i was talking about yesterday is Forex Trades Live which i’ve been following since i came back form holiday 2 weeks ago. Really impressive service so far – both the results and the communication from thecompany themselves.

All the information is on the site but basically they send through 1-3 trades per day with clear, straightforward entry and exit instructions. Signals can be either email or text. You have the choice of 3 different profit targets depending on your trading mentality – 32, 72 or 100 pips. 32 pips is obviously the higher strike rate and 100 the lowest but, profit wise the 72 pip target is the highest.

I have been trading them since 20th July on the 32 pip target (suits my ‘regular winners’ mentality) & am currently 90 pips up in 2 weeks. Early days but the results have been recorded accurately since i’ve been receiving the signals so no reason to believe the 1484 pips made in 2009 up to the end of June isnt correct – that works out to be 62 pips a week or £620 @ £10 a pip.

Think this may well be another low maintenance service that stays in the portfolio so i’d recommend signing up here or see how i get on over the next few weeks.

New Forex Service To Review

From Monday i’m going to review a forex service that i’ve read a lot of good things about. They only trade the gbp/usd and send up to 3 trade signals out per day by email or sms text.

I’ve been receiving the signals this week and they’re clear, straightforward and you can ’set & leave’ them using IG Index. The recorded results seem impressive and they have been recorded accurately whilst i’ve been subscribed so we’ll see how it goes from Monday.

Final update for Wealthbuilder

Have to admit i stopped trading the Wealthbuilder system over a month ago -  due to the results i was getting compared to the Winning Dow Signals trades which i needed to monitor at the same time.

Just wanted to give an update of how they’ve done for the past couple of months.   As you can see the DAX from 8am method has performed really well, whereas the gbp/usd hasnt. The Dax seems to be more stable and less rangy than the currencies and other indices.

Neil the author has introduced a couple of extra rules which may well also add to the profit potential of the system.


DAX 30/Germany 30
8:20 SELL +12,  9:15 BUY -15,  9:35 BUY +12,  10:25 SELL -15,  11:25 SELL +12,  13:10 BUY +12
Stop at 24 method from 8am  +9 (+88)
All day until 15:30  +18  (+141)

7:55 SELL -15,  9:15 SELL +18,  10:20 SELL -15,  10:45 BUY -15,  11:20 SELL -15,  11:30 BUY -15,  12:00 SELL -15,  13:35 BUY -15,  13:45 SELL +18
Stop at 24 method from 7am  -12  (-39)
Stop at 24 method from 8am  -12  (-83)
All day until 15:30  -69  (-177)


DAX 30/Germany 30
8:15 BUY +12,  11:40 BUY +12,  13:40 SELL +12
Stop at 24 method from 8am  +24 (+57)
All day until 15:30  +36  (+102)

10:05 SELL -15,  13:10 BUY +18
Stop at 24 method from 7am  +3  (-63)
Stop at 24 method from 8am  +3  (-165)
All day until 15:30  +3  (-244)

Megadroid Update

Its gone very quiet with my Megadroid on the Alpari UK platform – no trade for nearly 2 weeks. Think i may well be going back to Clickbank for a refund on this one. Its a shame as it seems to work fantastically well when it does work but it doesnt work often enough.

FX Crossover Update

Another trade on the FX Crossover strategy for the gbp/usd – a loser unfortunately.

28/07/09 100 point loss

New Balance = £2949

SmallER loss for Winning Dow Signals

Just the 5 pip loss on WDS today so at this rate we should be making a few pips tomorrow!!

Dow Jones

3 trades
1 winner
2 losers
-15 pips = -£75

2 winners
0 losers
+20 pips = +£100


6 trades
3 winners
3 losers
-15 pips -£75

1 trade
1 winner
0 losers

+10 pips +£50

-5 pips today
+375 pips total

Bank +£2850

Today -£25

New Bank +£2825

To register for your FREE months trial with Winning Dow Signals please click here

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