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WDS continue to be the positive of the 3 services/systems i’m using. Continually producing winning days and they have now advised members of the proposed price structure for the intra day service plus another additional ‘end of day’ service which is included free with the existing ‘scalp/swing’ trades.   I’ve just copied and pasted the email which probably wont work too well because theres a lot of info but only way really.

Dear Member

There are 2 developments of which we would like to advise you:

1. Intra-day Prices System

From 4 May we will be charging a fee for the Intra-day prices system as follows:

- Basic cost = £30 per month or £75 per quarter

- Discounted cost (for members of our end of day service) = £20 per month or £45 per quarter

Subcribers will receive the end of day prices system each evening showing potential profitable trading areas for the next day for the Dow, FTSE and EUR/USD (averaging 1,000 points per month based on members feedback) – we are also looking at including similar information for other Forex pairs and commodities e.g. GBP/USD, Crude Oil etc.  

Subscribers will also receive any intra-day trade alerts/market commentary we send out.  We will also send subscribers some educational materials which may help with their intra-day trading.   

2. New End of Day Trading System

To complement our swing and overnight scalp signals we are looking to develop an end of day system whereby we can provide a signal most evenings, and to this end we have been testing a new strategy as follows:   

Before 9pm BST each evening we will send a BUY, SELL or NO TRADE signal which is to be actioned at 9pm.

The take profit limit will always be 50 points.

With regard to stops there are 2 options:

Option 1 = 50 point stop;

Option 2 = No stop (or 500 points)

If the trade is not completed before 9pm the following day close it out manually then.  The results of our backtesting from July 08 to date (174 trades) are as follows:

Option 1 = 1,000 points profit (average 110 per month), only 2 losing months (220 and 200 points) - 97 wins, 77 losses (biggest drawdown/consecutive loss was 350 points)

Option 2 = 2,929 points profit (average 325 points per month), only 1 losing month (91 points) - 148 wins, 26 losses (biggest drawdown/consecutive loss was 425 points) – there were 4 occasions when there were 2 losing trades in a row but never 3 losses in a row

Option 3 - this is exactly the same as option 2 but following a loss the stake used is increased (up to 5 times the original/base stake) until the next win = 5,154 points profit (average 520 x base stake per month), no losing months (biggest drawdown 720 x base stake).

With Option 3 use a smaller base stake as need to bear in mind that following a loss the next stake could be up to 5 times bigger e.g. on a base stake of 50p per point 5x = £2.50 per point, base stake £1 per point 5x = £5 per point, base stake of £10 per point 5x = £50 per point.             

We shall begin sending signals for this system from 4 May (beween 8.45pm and 8.59pm BST) in the form of BUY or SELL x1, x2, x3, x4, x5 (the x1, 2, 3, 4 ,5, will relate to those following Option 3 with x1 meaning bet base stake, x2 bet 2 times base stake etc).  It is up to you which of the 3 strategies you follow (if any), which will depend on your starting bank/attitude to risk etc.  We would suggest paper trading this system initially.  This service will be provided FREE to all end of day signal subscribers but will not form part of the total points generated when calculating the performance related payment fee (which will continue to be based solely on points generated from swing and overnight scalp signals, with such signals continuing to be sent between 9pm and 10pm each evening). 


We hope the above explains everything sufficiently but if you have any questions regarding either of the 2 developments please do not hesitate to contact us – we will keep a record of all questions asked and respond by sendng a group e-mail containing each question and answer before next weekend i.e. before 2 May.  

LS Trader Week Commencing 27th April

Not good times for this service at the moment. I was stopped out of another trade last week for a £200 loss which puts me @ £200+ down with 2 further trades heavily in the red and pretty close to their stop losses with just 1 trade showing profit at the moment.

Operators of the service acknowledge difficult times & say it may be due to some ‘consolidation’ after last years 1500% profits. Not sure that makes too much sense to me as trades are made both long & short and market ‘consolidation’ is generally 1 way. Doesnt really matter if it makes sense or not to be honest – doesnt help with the fact that i’m losing a fair amount of money following the trade advice.

Apologies for lack of updates over last week – having to spend lot of time marketing my web design business (just in case Wealthbuilder continues in the same vein for the nex couple of months!) Hopefully it wont & May will see a turnround in its fortunes.

Heres a quick summary of the last weeks trades for me;

Wednesday 22nd April  0 pips

Thursday 23rd April -3pips

Friday 24th April -18pip

Monday 27th April +24pips

Tuesday 28th April 0 pips

New Bank £695
Stake £5

LS Trader 20th April

There were no trades for me to enter last week which was good because i wasnt able to put them on anyway. The ‘missing’ trade is 5000 pips in profit now.

I entered 3 new trades this week & i’m still in another trade which is currently about 95 pips down – the 3 new ones are all slightly down as well. The email from the operator of the service talked about an ‘increase in the equity of the portfolio’ which i can only assume means that the existing trades opened prior to me joining the service had another good week.

Finally back to updating the blog after a week away in Nefyn. Weather mostly good but recovery from shoulder surgery mostly bad. Having to do physio every hour is hard work & painful but got to be done to stop it going back to how it was.

Wealthbuilder 9-11 am  is down 27 points since i  last updated so not having a good month at all. Been here before with this system though & 9-11 am itself is actually 50 points up for the month (i started using it couple of weeks ago)

New Bank £680
Stake £5

Just to let you know i’ll be away next week so next entry will be 20th April

3 pip loss again for Wealthbuilder

The systems going through a bad patch at the moment but not doing too much damage – winner then loser today before 12pm, so another 3 pips loss.

Going to switch to another slight variation of the rules on tuesday. This involves trading 9-11, but still stopping @ 24 or 2 losers. The hours suit me much more and back testing has shown this method along with another slight adjustment to the rules has been more profitable then the existing ’24′ method, going back 4 1/2 months.

New Bank £815
Stake £5

Update on LS Trader

Same as last week with no new trades for the LS Trader system.   Another stop loss hit for me though so another £200 loss – just £20 in credit overall with them now.  The other trade is currently running at a £110 loss.

On the plus (?) side the trade i missed is now 4000 pips or so in profit or around £520 at my staking level!

Results 8th April

Another unusually long morning on Wealthbuilder – loser then just before 12am a winning trade albeit it took until 13.10 to reach the target. So another -3 pips day for me. Looks like it was for everyone else as well because Neil sent an email out advising that he was staying out of the markets as they were so lacking in direction.

New Bank £830
Stake £5

Long, Long Morning

Results 7th April

Winner then a loser just before 12 – i’ve decided to only trade up until 12 any way but the next trade didnt materialise until 2.45pm & lost. 90% of the time everythings done & dusted well before 12 so dont think i’ll be missing out on too many trades.

New Bank £845
Stake £5

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