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Maximum Loss to Finish the Month

45 pip loss on Wealthbuilder today but still a good, profitable month again. Neil has made a slight change to the ‘stop at 24 system’ which will mean no 3rd trade if the first 2 are losers. This will mean that the maximum loss will be 30 pips and, apparently, after back testing will improve the performance.

funnily enough this was something suggested to me by Jeffrey a reader of this blog who reasoned that if the market is choppy enough to give you 2 losers is it not more likely to give a 3rd than a winner. makes sense & Neil obviously had the same idea.

New bank £748.22
New stake £1.67

Results 30th March

Another early finish with 24 pips gain – my second trade was 9.30am,

New bank £823.37
New stake £1.67

24 more for Wealthbuilder

Results 27th February

Late in updating these because had a bit of surgery on a ‘frozen shoulder’ yesterday.  interesting name for it that because it gives the impression of numbness & lack of feeling which, if you’ve had it, you’ll know couldnt be further from the truth.

surgeon had an interesting bedside manner as well. came in & after establishing which shoulder it was said ‘right 5 things – 1. it might not work, 2. you could die under the anaesthetic , 3. i could cut a major artery & you might die, 4. i could cut a nerve and paralyse you & 5. cant remember the fifth (his words).

i was wondering if 5 was the operations a success ie you’ve got full movement in your shoulder but you’ve died under the anaesthetic. well i’m here and its over with so thats a bonus as far as i’m concerned.

anyway, onto Wealthbuilder, Friday was an early finish with 24 pips for me.

New bank £783.29
New stake £1.67

LS Trader Update 30th March

There were no new trades for LS Trader this week, just some stop losses to amend which didnt affect me as i wasnt in those trades.

There was a stop loss triggered, unfortunately, which resulted in a £200 loss – still £220 up overall.  The trade i missed is still 1800 pips up though! – think i need to move on from that & forget about it.

18 Pip Loss for Wealthbuilder

Looking at Neils end of day email its surprising how different the signals are appearing on my IG charts to the Capital Spreads charts. My last trade was the 1st trade with the Capital Spreads charts.

I suppose it will all even itself out in the end because the principle of whats happening in the market is still the same. Ended up with the same pip results as it happens.

New bank £743.21
New stake £1.67

Mixed day for me with WDS

I typically managed to avoid winning anything with Winning Dow Signals & feel like i’ve been innoculated against winning trades with this service.

Left orders for the H2 (buy trades) today & they all touched the entry point before reversing to the stop lossed. I did the same on Tuesday when the same thing happend with a couple of them but didnt do it on Monday & Wednesday when the H2 trades were successful. The moral is do it every day or dont bother.

The H1 trades,on the other hand, i just paper traded today and watched succesful trade after succesful trade take shape & close out.  They seem to get it uncannily right with the resistance lines.

The email trade alerts are still proving to be a problem unfortunately – i dont get them until 1-2 minutes after the sending time and by then the price can move 10-15 pips as happend today. There was a 45 pip winning trade and overall the trade alerts made 55 pips.

Still very impressed by these guys – heres todays trades.  Please note there were 3 losing H2 trades so with a standard stop loss that would be -90pips but there were other H1 trades available than those listed.

Dow - Short H1 6.50am = 30 points

       – Short H1 1.45pm = 70 points


FTSE - Short H1 8.25am = 30 points

          - Short H1 10.40pm = 20 points

          - Short H1 1.48pm = 30 points


EUR/USD - no trades


Trade Alerts - 3 = 55 points

 Another impressive day for the intra day trial from Winning Dow Signals. Their email doesnt include losing trades, unfortunately, & i dont know how many there were but the default setting is 30 pips profit limit & 30 pips stop loss so assuming there were 5 or 6 losing trades still healthy profits.

On the trade alerts they tend to bank half stake when 10 pips have been achieved & let the other half run so that would worked a treat with a lot of the trades today. Looking really good and will be interesting to see what they decide to do after the trial.

Dear Member,

The main profitable moves based on the prices provided last night are below:

Dow - Short H1 6.57am = 40 points

       – Short H1 10.20am = 30 points

       - Long H2 1.54pm   = 100 points  

       - Short H1 6.00pm = 90 – 150 points

       - Long L1 7.18pm = 150 points


FTSE - Short H1 9.15am = 70 points

          - Short H1 2.15pm = 30 – 120 points

          - Long L1 7.30pm = 40 points


EUR/USD - Long H2 1.57pm = 40 points

                - Short H1 2.12pm = 40 points


Trade Alerts - 3 = 8 points

24 more for Wealthbuilder

 Wealthbuilder strategy back on track to day with a relatively straightforward 24 pips.

Think last couple of days highlight what i think is the most important part of trading – the psycholgical aspect. I always read this when i was first looking at trading & thought ‘ thats rubbish, all you need is a good system & you just keep using it’. But as we all know its not that easy & they reckon its easier to lose money with a good system/weak mental attitude than it is with weak system/good mental attitude.

Seems ridiculous to have doubts about a system when you have grown your bank by 50% in 6 weeks but it only takes a couple of bad days for me to start worrying that its ‘stopped working’. Every system, bar none, has bad runs & i think it is the case that,if you have enough personally verified proof it works, just keep doing it.  (easy to say today – see what i’m like after a couple of 45 pip losers in a row!)

New bank £773.27
New stake £1.67

 Poor couple of days for Wealthbuilder – i lost a total of 63 pips over last couple of days. Bound to have these kind of days/runs & i’m still up 46% for the 6 weeks i’ve been at it.

New bank £733.19
New stake £1.67

Winning Dow Signals update

Not so good on the swing trades in the last week or so but the intra day trades performed well yesterday.  If you’d set the H2 & L2 trades up on Sunday night and traded the L1 & H1 trades yesterday up until about 9pm you would have picked up about 120 pips, including 1 email trade alert.

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