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Nice end to the month and another early finish (about 9.20) for the 24 pip strategy. Its been a tough last week or so but overall the system has a great month on all levels. 24 pip has achieved 126 pips profit, trading until 12 has gained 195 pips and all day trading 181 pips.

For me the results mean i’ve made over 20% gain in my first month which i’m obviously happy with – beginning to wish i’d started this with a bigger bank!

New bank £603.68
New stake £1.32

The new markets for the strategy continue to perform well – eur/usd made 42 pips today and the usd/jpy 57 pips.

Taking everything into account this is a great performance from the system – long may it continue.

Unfortunately its been a tough 2 months for FX Pro Trade and, although they’ve just announced an additional system and money management system, i think i’ve given it a fair enough go now.

In total i’ve followed it for 4 months – November, December, January & February. December was a great month with 1858 pips profit but the other 3 months have been very poor so i’ve decided to stop trading with it & replace it in the portfolio with LS Trader.

If you know of LS Trader you’ll probably be aware that it made an incredible 1500% for its subscribers last year & this is already 25% up. This is more in line with their published expectations of 150% profit per year & they readily admit that last year was an exceptional year.

They feel that it has been a ‘difficult start to the year’ & feel that settled trends are starting to appear in the markets now – if 25% in 2 months is a ‘difficult period’ this could be very interesting.

Theres not much actual work involved – email received Sunday evening advising you which new trades to enter (depends on size of your bank how many markets you will trade), which trades to exit & to moves stops if appropriate. Everything takes about 15 monutes and your done for the week.  I’ll update how i’m getting on every Monday

Maximum for the 24 pip System

Much better day for the 24 pip system today – 1st 2 trades won so the 24 pips were banked by around 10.10.

The eur/usd & usd/jpy currencies continue to perform well under the strategy – 18 pips this morning for the eur/usd & 21 pips for the usd/jpy for the same period.

New bank £572
New stake £1.32

9 pips for Wealthbuilder

Apologies for last nights errors  – looks like through my massive incompetence i managed to get 2 winning trades whereas following the rules correctly should have been a 45 pip losing day.  I’ve adjusted the running total so we’re working to what SHOULD have been achieved rather than what i did. Thanks to the guys who contacted me to point out the errors.

Neil is also recording the results of using Wealthbuilder on the USD/JPY & EUR/USD forex markets. The EUR/USD has recorded 10 winning trades on the bounce & USD/JPY had 5 winning trades yesterday but had a more mixed day today It was a noticeably volatile more market on the USD/JPY to day so trading may have been avoided altogether. Overall sounds promising and i’ll continue to report on how these new trades pan out.

New bank £540.32
New stake £1.32

I’ve corrected this entry now – made some errors in entering trades i shouldnt have & managed to out 9 pips ahead but in fairness i need to record how the actual system itself performed which was a 45 pip losing day unfortunately.

New bank £528.44
New stake £1.32

Solid gain for Wealthbuilder

Steady start to the week for the 24 pip strategy with Wealthbuilder.  Just want to mention the quality of customer service that comes with this system – its as good as any i’ve come across. Doesnt count for everything obviously – good customer service without results is pretty easy to get hold of in the ‘second income’ industry but , fortunately, Wealthbuilder seems to have both.

New bank £578.84
New stake £1.32

3 Losers for Wealthbuilder

Friday 20th

Another full losing day for Wealthbuilder – the 2nd of the week.  Its rare for a full losing day for this strategy so 2 in a week is  pretty unlucky. Still well ahead for the month though which is really the only way to evaluate a strategy.

New bank £566.96
New stake £1.32

Nice gain for WDS

Another impressive trade from Winning Dow Signals – the profit target wasnt reached but, because they regularly update subscribers as to what they feel the market is doing and where to move stop losses to, we still managed to lock in 41 pips before the market completely turned against us.

Further Losses for FX Pro Trade

Today saw 2 further trades close for FX Pro Trade punter – gbp-chf & usd/cad – both lost for a total of 400 pips. Losses now at 1086 pips – not looking good for the second month running.

Feb -1086 pips

9 pips for Wealthbuilder

Same pattern as yesterday for Wealthbuilder. 1st of our trades lost then next 2 won. i’d take 9 pips a day & finishing @ 11am every day. Wouldnt take long to compound those results into a small fortune.

New bank £626.36
New stake £1.32

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