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115 pip loss in January for Trade FX Plus

January ended the same way as its gone for nearly all of the month for this service. With the exception of the eur/usd whose signals performed really well the others were down.

USD/CHF  – 316 pips
GBP/USD  – 47 pips
USD/JPY  – 48 pips
EUR/USD  – +296 pips

January total -115 pips

Winning Dow signals ended the month 386 pips up – think that was over just 2 trades, a scalp and a swing so not a lot of work for a good return.  Downside is that if you’re on the ‘performance related’ scheme as i am its another £50 to pay. You’re not going to moan if you have to pay that every month though are you?

Winner for FX Pro Trade

Smallish (118 pips) win for Pro Trade today – still leaves them 859 pips down for January.  Recent months have been literally up then down so fingers crossed for February.

January -859 pips

Not much happening with this service – just a 50 pip scalp trade (which I missed!) last week.

Tough month for FX Pro Trade

FX Pro Trade are currently 977 pips down for January and I’ve got to say their trading leaves you in a bit of a dilemma.  Last week for example I got up & looked at a trade which was about 200 pips in profit – the actual profit target was 300.

What do you do? 250 pips is a lot for me – anyone probably so i took the profit. The trade carried on for a bit further but then did a u-turn eventually hitting the stop loss. So my results compared to theirs differ by 500 pips.

Now in the long term staying in ALL the trades may be more profitable but the same thing happend this morning – 150 pips up with a profit target of 211 so i took the profit – the trade is now 200 pips down. Hopefully it will turn around for them.

Bad day for Wealthbuilder

Just watching this system at the moment so no money going down yet.

It had a bad day – 54 pips down if you trade all day or 33 pips down if you did it ‘part time’ which is 9-12am.

Neil sends an email about 5ish each evening after trading closes and he mentioned that just trading the 1st 3 trades of the day would have you @ 104 pips up for January (which as a month has been a struggle apparently compared to previous months). This seems to be a successful adjustment to the standard rules and would mean on most days you’d be finished by about 11am.

Interesting stuff & although a bad day the service overall is excellent due to the email consolidates your understanding of what you’re doing in the early days.

Mixed Start for Wealthbuilder

I’m not 1000% up to speed on the actual when to trade & when not to so made a few mistakes.   The end of day email is brilliant – goes through the day in general & gives details of all the trades he entered, plus signals which didnt trigger trades as they didnt match the rules.

Day started off really well with 4 X 12 pip winning trades on the bounce before 12am – trading up to 5pm ended 15 pips+

Further Success For The Auto Trading

42 pip winner for the auto trading today.  Asked them for an extension to the 15 day trial due to the problems with me setting up in the 1st place plus the fact that i’m reviewing on here but they were’nt up for it which was a disappointment – so i need to make a decision based on around 6 days of actual experience as to whether or not to part with the £136ish or not.

66 pips profit without doing anything in 5 days trading isnt too bad though.

eur/usd winner for trade fx plus

Trade FX Plus continued with their winning eur/usd streak with another 83 pips winner (for the eur/usd alone in january they are 429 pips up).

New bank £2618

FX Pro Trade come back with another winner

The usd/chf trade with FX Pro won yesterday for 107 pips  – 3 other trades still open.

New Bank £4373

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